[Cosmetic] Stormkeeper outfit

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Oct Member 2020


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Hello Everyone,

I've created this concept for a cool cosmetic outfit for both genders in Solomons General Store.
If you support my idea, a simple '/support' post would help me greatly.

The package Stormkeeper outfit includes:

- Title:
- Stormkeeper outfit override
- Stormkeeper lance weapon override

Thank you all for reading.

08-Apr-2021 19:05:34

Sommer Luv
Jan Member 2010

Sommer Luv

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Support. I like the colors but could possibly use more detail. Interested to see what the female version of this looks like. Is the material thin and formfitting or thick like a horse blanket.

It would be nice to see more feminine items for the girls that play this game. Everything added lately seems to be very bulky heavy materials with the same potato sack shape over and over.

We like to look nice in game too. :)

19-Jun-2021 05:16:42

Jun Member 2021


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Sommer it's Drklink. I started playing again. You should add me :) I am on most the time. Name in game is Bageena now. Drklink

30-Aug-2021 04:39:55 - Last edited on 30-Aug-2021 04:42:57 by Bageena

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