Bring Back "Blade-Trap Cut" ST

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Bring back "Blade-Trap Cut". The style is iconic, fresh and resonates with modern day culture. As a style that is based on the character concept of Guild from Street fighter the iconic hairstyle resonates with a large fashion community, culture and enterprise. Namely the culture of American Hip Hop, 90s Era Hip Hop and Jazz, etc. etc. (Vanilla Ice, Will Smith, Marvel Series Blade";). Nevertheless as it pertains the discontinuing of the cultural relevant hairstyle and a non-discontinuing of other culturally relevant hairstyles such as "Death Lotus Assassin" and "Crescent Assassin" the discontinuing of the staple hairstyles speaks to what is a palpable phenomenon of cultural insensitivity. Please, having purchased the newly released hairstyle prior and finding out it was discontinued for reasons unknown and unexplained-is truly disappointing as is disheartening.

Bring back "Blade-Trap Hairstyle"

20-Sep-2021 02:59:28

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