20th Anniversary Outfit

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It's not always a 'choice', you know, Draco.

There are more reasons that people don't play games than just 'I chose not to'.

A month is a long time but if you had no idea that you were 'missing out' on something, then why would you log in.

If you were taking a break from the game it's pretty unlikely you'd go and check the website even once a month to make sure you aren't missing out on any cool cosmetics.

Taking breaks is healthy.

Considering the outfit is literally just Jagex celebrating their game's 20th birthday I see zero problem with them making it available via some means. Maybe a miniquest or something would be more appropriate than SGS, idk.

I see people use the cape now and then.

But it's not like the outfit is OH SO exclusive that people would get mad if other people could use it too. Not to mention, that whole mentality is a tad entitled anyway. It's a game, for fun. When people feel like they are being robbed or vandalized it is going a bit out of hand.

All things in moderation and all things in their proper context. This specific outfit, I think, is a fine proposal for re-release.

11-Sep-2021 20:07:23



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I mean Draco let's be honest, you're just being a party pooper here.

The suggestion of earning Halloween cosmetics at Halloween (etc) is a very good suggestion.

This is a game. If someone wants an item, there isn't any real world limitation reason why they shouldn't be able to get it. It's not like someone wanting a mint condition 1970 Corvette. New items can quite literally be spawned out of thin air, as shown with the Beach Party and the rerelease of the old tokens for oddments.

If party hats were just handed out like candy this would have a substantial negative effect on a niche part of the economy and would probably result in a fair amount of quitting. (though maybe that would be a good thing, who's to say)

But these untradable cosmetics which are just forever exclusive and which most of the time sit in Diango and never see the light of day, it is quite silly to grandstand those who didn't get them when they were released.

It's twice as ridiculous to say, 'well it's your fault for just starting playing in 2021 and seeing an outfit from 2009 which you really like. you should have chosen to play back then if you wanted it. It doesn't matter that you never heard of the game until now, that's your fault.'

Regardless of whether the person is new or was taking a break it's just a bad argument to say they 'chose' not to get it because they didn't play when it was released.

19-Sep-2021 07:56:45

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