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It would be good if cosmetic event rewards / items without value could be 'earned' in some way.

Would be helpful for returning players, brand new players or those that simply couldn't play due to real life commitments.

'Earning' them, rather than getting free (or being able to easily buy) sits a bit better.
There could be time limited windows each year to do this. e.g. If you missed an anniversary item, perhaps next year during the same time period you could complete an existing ingame activity (so that new content does not need to be released) to access an historic reward.

Activities could be to earn a certain amount of XP or complete x number of Daily Challenges in the week / month.

18-Sep-2021 01:40:38



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DracoáBurnz said:

Why should event rewards be rereleased after their events?

If you chose to not do the events for w/e reason, then you choose to deal without.

Ive missed plenty of holiday and other events yet you dont hear me asking for their rewards to be rereleased.

I agree, on one hand what makes a non-tradeable cosmetic more unique is the time-limited aspect. e.g. I think my Easter Carrot from 2009 is cool and being 12 years old, not everyone would have it.

However, since it has no tangible value, I wouldn't mind if it was re-released or made accessible again. I rarely take mine from the bank / Diango and I would say the Carrot is one of the more interesting non-tradeable rewards.

People may want these items for completion's sake?
More recent events have led to item tokens, which makes rewards still accessible in the future (if you can afford it).

Plus, just the fun element -

Kopaka said:

But these untradable cosmetics which are just forever exclusive and which most of the time sit in Diango and never see the light of day, it is quite silly to grandstand those who didn't get them when they were released.

DracoáBurnz said:

Why cant ppl deal without cosmetics that dont benefit you in any way?

Flipping this around, if they have no benefits, why not just give access to the cosmetics? They have no bearing on the game after all.
Making them 'earnable' through challenges on an annual basis (as per previous idea), will retain some exclusivity and only the most interested would go after these.

19-Sep-2021 13:36:50

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