Solomon/Mason connection

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InLightOf said:
King Solomon fell unlike his father King David.

King Solomon accepted other deities from other cultures specifically the child sacrifice deity “Moloch” and “Ashtoreth/Baal”

This displeased the true living “God/father”

Why do important figures, famous/political probably Masonic or other similar cults, go to Bohemian grove in California they participate in mock child sacrifices to their God Moloch?

What’s up with that…?

I just hope and pray intelligent masons don’t make the same mistakes as King Solomon.

Assuming that you're entirely serious, that's fine, you're free to believe what you want to believe. That said, I sincerely doubt there are Masonic connections in RS. The game certainly has symbols and archetypes from mythology and such but hardly any supposed connections to the Freemasons.
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