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I looked at the demon flash armor on the front page a while back and thought, “It would be awesome if my character could actually stand like that“, as it would compliment the override itself. I own this set, and many others, and would enjoy a good selection of character stances to choose from.

All feedback is welcomed :D

Personal note: I think they should add stances to existing override packs that players have purchased if this gets implemented.
*First added idle and walk animation: Sandstorm Walk (With purchase of Nomad's outfit)*

Subsequent releases:
- Barbarian Run Animation (With purchase of Barbarian outfit)
- Happy Walk
- Sad Walk
- Angry Walk
- Proud Walk
- Revenant Walk (With purchase of Revenant outfit)
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Mod Obeith said:
Hey guys,

As has been mentioned in most of the other discussions around stances anything that changes the animations of combat is a massive job, we're talking months of work.

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as, just move the guy off the floor and copy that across the other animations. Every single animation, for each combat style and each combat ability with each type of weapon would have to be updated manually.

We are thinking of doing more stances in the future but it is very unlikely that they will change how you appear in combat. We are doing some research work into it which may mean we can do more in the future but for now they're simply too much work.
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-=-=-=-=-=-=- SUGGESTIONS -=-=-=-=-=-=-

- ImperialWill Suggested: “More stances for each combat style (not just the triangular points, but also weapon styles) would be nice. There's many swordplay disciplines out there.

The player wields weapons by flinging them for slash/crush melee around or throwing them using the power of their mind for stab melee and range, and comes with a floating walk/run animation.“

- C 0 L L I N suggested: “ about some solomons outfits coming with special stances. or just an new 'weapon holding pack'...“

- Nordic eagle suggested: “...a hovering stance while using magic...“

- Devildragn76 suggested: “...the fencing style would be a good...stance for melee.“

- Tomarthan suggested: “[An] eagle style two-handed combat stance, maybe?“

- Challeng3r 2 suggested: “[The] Majarat standing stance... and Nomad [weapon holding] stance for spears and staves.*

- Itachii76 suggested: “[The] sir Tristam [stance] in King Arthur movie.“

- TokHaar-Kin suggested: “It would be nice with a necromancer stance (creepy hunchback caster style)!“

- USF and Resentment suggested: “Moonclan stance.. hovering and when moving about, you do not use your legs to move.“

- aie suggested: “...a cool assassin stance to go with the assassin set perhaps where your character would be in a slight crouching/sneaking pose“

- Kado suggested: “Constant Combat stance - similar to the combat stance, except maybe with a lower crouch in order to differentiate between when you're in cb vs out of cb. (Although, even if it was the exact same stance it's not like you wouldn't know, as your health and adrenaline bar goes away, your adrenaline starts to drain quickly, and you no longer have a target when out of cb)“

- Queen suggested: “Shy stance pls*
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-=-=-=-=-=-=- SUGGESTIONS -=-=-=-=-=-=-

- Sozerius suggested: “Dual Wielded swords could be held on either side, pointed away from the player, or alternatively one sword/weapon could be held in front of the player horizontal. Whereas, the off-hand could be held behind the back of the player horizontally (with the weapon sticking out from the other side of the player's hand). If you wanted to take a more magical approach, you could, and I imagine this would be very popular, create a wield style where the player telekinetically 'floats' the weapons around his/her body, and with a wave of his/her hand sends them flying. This could work with any/all of them. 2-handed wielding could have a style where the sword is held with a single hand- with the player demonstrating agility and finesse with a huge blade in one hand. (I suppose Tidus from FFX would be a fair example) 2-Handed Wielding could also bring the style that Sephiroth uses to mind (from FF7) - The blade is primarilly held from above the shoulder, to the side of the face, and downwards. Its somewhat tricky to describe so you might have a better idea looking up Sephiroth (when I did a yahoo image search for it was the fourth image that came up, it should seem somewhat like my description at least) Shields could have a replacer in which the shield is not visible and instead the player is seen generating a psychic wall out of his/her hand when attacked, for magic lovers. Wands and orbs could similarly have an animation in which they are removed from visibility, and the player is instead given hand gestures and signs when casting spells - this could even extend up to, but not limited to, sith-style lightning for all magic attacks.“

- Aenrichus suggested: “Shadow teleporting, when idle you float with a smoke surrounding you. Walk and run make you disappear and the only thing you can see is some of the smoke moving to the target location. When returning to idle you reappear.“
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