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Cosmic Wolf5

Cosmic Wolf5

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i quit RS back in 2012 due the lack of quality updates at that time, the EOC and for me most importantly: the armor graphical makeover.

i value looks a whole lot, especially in MMO's.
ever since i first saw what happened to my precious helmet i just lost it, at least there was a glitch where you could get it back to its old form by enchanting it or something, it got patched eventually.

so... no more slayer helmet for me, the current one i really dislike, it does not appeal to me at all and i would really appreciate it if the people who work at the Solomon store could add a replica Slayer Helmet to the list.

yes i am very attached to my beloved helmet and i am making a return to the game soon, i heard the legacy mode came out today which sounds very promising to me as i have been playing the game for years since 2005 and i dont like the EOC very much.

when i checked the store a while ago i found a replica bandos set + a replica DFS which i will certainly purchase right away, but what i REALLY want right now is to have my beloved helmet back, i guess i'll use the bandos helm or verac helm for now as i am already 99 slayer.

more commonly suggested items are:

barrows sets, each barrows set will be a seperate package.
the only downside is that the weapons are very limited to the cosmetic override due their unique appearance.

the dragon med, oh the classic rare item how we once loved you as the best helm ingame for a pretty long time.
im not too fond of the rshd version but it would be a very bad idea to implement the low res model from 2004-2007.
would love to see this either included in the dragon armor replica set or as a separate item.

fremennik helmets; who can forget those commonly worn zerker and neitz helms? i used to love them back in the day untill i fell in love with my slayer helmet.
would be great in a package with perhaps the neitz helmet as a seperate purchase.

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19-Jul-2014 23:15:42

Lego Miester
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DeAngelis said:
Support & the old helm of nezz!

The old slayer helmet was one of the derpiest looking helmets in the game, as demonstrated by your forum avatar. I'll support the old neitiznot helm though, or at least old-styled. The extra wings look stupid.
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PvM 99Farmer
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I would love to have the old slayer helm back! And the old Nezz helm too! Can we also get the barrows sets replica... This is what we want and you can make a lot of money putting them in the solomans store! :)

21-Jul-2014 16:42:47

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