Looking for a Ironman Group !!

Quick find code: 317-318-0-66230220



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Hey IronManCree,

I was wondering if you had an opening in your ironman group. I've played ironman in the past but I've mostly been playing my main which is 1734 total level and 214 QP. I'm not much of a pvmer but I'm open to learning if that's something you'd like to do in your group. The skills I'm really big on include fishing and farming. I can 3-tick fish and kinda 3t4g, I think I could play a good resource support role in your group if that would work. I play pretty often, however I am in school and play rugby so that does take precedent. Id say my average playtime is 10hrs weekly.

My IGN is Blix_2 feel free to add.

Let me know if I can provide more information!

25-Sep-2021 01:56:14

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