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Mod Ronan

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Welcome to the
Heroes' + Arrav Quest Help Sticky

This thread is to assist players in finding a partner for both the
Shield of Arrav and Heroes' Quests
and to
put a stop to duplicate threads in the Advice forum

How to find a Quest Partner:

1. Ask your friends.
2. Check the last few pages to find posts by current players looking for a partner.
3. Use the template below and post your own request on this thread to find help.
Template: Copy this template and paste it on the last page of this thread.
Gang Type Required:
Date and Time:
Location and World:
Additional Requirements/Information:

It may be best if you check the last few pages first as those are the newest request posts. We also suggest that you edit your post to ''Partner Found'' if you are no longer looking to team up.

Happy Questing.

05-May-2015 10:09:30

Steel helm

Steel helm

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Quest: Heroes Quest
Gang Type Required: phoenix
Date and Time: Any
Location and World: Any
add me in game: Steel helm
i will be online all day
im already at last part, and willing to pay 200k~ to the person that helps me :-)

05-May-2015 13:42:10 - Last edited on 05-May-2015 14:11:57 by Steel helm

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