A Playerbase Divided

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bookofspells said:
Rackaroo2 said:
I love OSRS but I just don't get why some people are not happy with the updates that Jagex work hard to give to us. Does anybody else here feel this way too?

Honestly I would love a pre-zeah osrs. My least favorite update by far. Or even a pre-ge osrs. It's weird when I see people asking for the removal of the duel arena, but they want more new crap. It's OLDschool runescape, well it was until zeah pretty much. Also the amount of QOL changes made the player base too lazy, even ironman mode isn't a real challenge

Do you know that OSRS playerbase was in sharp decline during the era when it recieved no updates and it was because of updates that the playerbase started growing again? If OSRS wasn't regularly updated, it likely wouldn't have existed anymore.

08-Jul-2021 20:24:35

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