Need help / carrying ToB

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Sep Member 2021


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Hey guys, sorry i am not sure if this is the correct place to be posting this.

But basically I suck and need carrying through ToB to complete the quest >.<

If you are an absolute god / chad and can help a chooblet out give me a message :D

stay safe.

28-Sep-2021 22:34:33

Jan Member 2013


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No this quest is hard to do learn you ticks and kill the boss. I did it long time ago. Even I had a hard time with it. One of the thing you did can't remember it well. Kinda like Mourning part 1 and 2

29-Sep-2021 00:24:07 - Last edited on 30-Sep-2021 07:50:44 by MaxZeroWill

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Offer to pay a maxed Raider to help you, that's what I did, not being barred off from my Quest cape because Jagex wants me to fight overly challenging bosses. Like I'll learn TOB when I want to but forcing questers to do it nearly made me quit the game.

29-Sep-2021 14:21:02

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