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They pissed off a lot of people with this. Jagex is so detached form their community. They want to work on their own "HD" projects which means they are gonna do some lighting adjustments and that's about it. Some people don't want an HD remaster, some people just want to play the game as it is. So let the 3rd party work on HD clients and you guys work on raids 3, group ironman, Wildy, other bossing content, don't handicap yourself further. If this doesn't get reversed I'm sure some people will quit. I've already been getting burnt out and was looking forward to this but now Jagex has pulled another fast one on us. Looks like I'll be able to play New World now with no regrets, I've been looking for an excuse to stop playing anyways. I stopped playing WoW because Blizzard messed up bad. Played for about 10 years and cut them off cold turkey. they earned about $10,000+ from me in subscriptions and DLC over the past 10 years and Jagex has earned almost $4,000 from me in subscriptions on my main, ironman and 2 alts. But I guess ill have to cut them off and take my money to a new MMO. Remember Jagex, you need us, we don't need you, your game can be replaced with any other game. Think about that, My balls are in your court now and if you treat them right, you'll get to keep them there.

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08-Sep-2021 00:36:05



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Yeah this is a joke. I was looking forward to this because it's gotten really stale but I guess I'll just cancel my 3 subscriptions and find an mmo that knows how to stay in tune with their community. Sad how far runescape has fallen.

08-Sep-2021 00:42:44

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