Are the pre-GE folks dead?

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Do you think the pre-Grand Exchange Runescape community is dead or do you think these folks are just waiting for a revival to happen?

P.S. I know this is off-topic but I hope you all are staying safe from the Corona Virus.

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I think there is still a massive pre-GE community - but, whether there'll be an official resurgence, or whether it will remain something for people to be nostalgic about - who knows!

I started a couple of years before the GE came out, but I actually think I prefer it. I don't know why - maybe it's the ease-of-use; or, the fact that I don't have to talk to people :P. That said, I do understand and respect the pre-GE community!
I like Volvos.

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Hi I played before GE on both versions of the game (briefly in real 07).
Not that hard to find people from this time tbh. Majority of my friends in game started in or before 07.

From my own experience, OSRS without the GE was only fun in 2013 when it was still nostalgic. After that esp with GWD it became a huge inconvenience and a chore having to use Zybez to make trades.

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Still alive and sometimes miss the pre-GE days. Bartering and trading between players was a part of the experience and I feel that the players who never got to experience it missed out.

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I started a year or so before the G.E, and all I can say is that for me, it's a double edged sword. I did like the practise of talking to people more and haggling about prices, trying to google around for what things are worth so you get a "fair" deal, but on the other hand the G.E is super handy, making some skills so much less tedious to do. The fact is that it's a game and if more content is less tedious, I am having more fun- which is kinda the purpose of a game. But I do like both before and after G.E gameplay. I love hunter

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weston btw

weston btw

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RupertGiles2 said:
I do not believe the group was ever that big.

Explain the 230k player counters back then, nubnub.
I would much rather anyone PK in game than do so irl. If you wanna get it out, do it on an online platform please. I don't want anyone getting harmed physically. :(

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