Runelite HD [Update]

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I don't play like I used to. I'm like many of us, grew up playing the OG Runescape even before this. It had some sort of magic to it. I'm still jumping on to mine some coal every now and than and enjoy some nostalgia. I sub every now and than also for nostalgia and respect for Jagex.

This news about the HD client is a bad move. As a Casual RS player who does not follow RS news, I even knew about this HD mod already.

For Jagex to decide that they are already working on such mod AFTER this is released looks terrible. They clearly knew about this mod because someone such as myself who barely pays attention to OSRS news knew about it.

If your going to release something in HD, do it. I highly doubt any project was underway. That is exactly why you have lost so much respect from the community who is clearly keeping OSRS alive.

15-Sep-2021 23:06:31

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