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I'm actually looking forward to some HD graphics, as I have been since I hopped on over to OSRS because I didn't like the gameplay, features, and disgusting microtransactions of RS3. I'm usually rather vocal to a couple friends of mine about my criticisms of Jagex's choices, but recent updates make it seem like there's been a change that's generally had me more defending their actions than not.

With that said, I do have a few suggestions to make, which I hope you, being Jagex, take to heart:

1) Be precise, in simple terms, with every explanation you give regarding the HD update, without requiring people assume certain pieces of information based around the context of the statement(s).

2) List off the clients where the HD graphics will function, and name the category of those in which they will not function, if there so happens to be specific client requirements for using them.

3) Please, explain your in-depth reasoning for disallowing 3rd-party client plugins which change the graphics. I'm personally of the mindset that you should be the one responsible for upgrading the graphics of the game, not a 3rd-party client, seeing as it is your game and I don't support behavior similar to that of Bethesda's "Let the community do it for us!" mentality, but I'm curious as to this decision.

4) Don't simply update your newest news post with the aforementioned requested information, lest people not recognize it. Instead, make a completely new news posting, entitled in such a way that it clearly calls to attention all readers who may be interested in the information about the HD graphics update.

5) Though I may have understood the news post as stating that the HD graphics would be optional, please also state, in direct terms of "Yes, it will be." or "No, it won't be.", whether or not they will be optional.

With that said, I look forward to future information and the new graphics.

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Semli said:

The way the game looks is part of the content. The game looked a certain way in 2008, and some people want the option to play it that way. It's part of the content/nostalgia for them. The majority of the playerbase wouldn't play RS if it became a MUD.

You're right in that we wouldn't be in this predicament if clients hadn't been allowed to ever get this far, because we wouldn't have anywhere close to this playerbase. When I paid for a sub, I played exclusively on Runelite because the native client is poorly coded and frankly it's embarrassing that it's a product of multiple people putting in 40 hours a week and getting paid for it when there are people cranking out superior products as a hobby.

Jagex should be begging as well as paying an arm and a leg to hire 117. This guy did solo and for free what Jagex can't do with a proper budget, project managers, scrum masters, directors, SVPs, and all sorts of other leeches who are so out of touch with what the final product is that their six figure salaries go strictly to impeding the work the developers are doing.

Given how people seem to complain with just about any update the game receives, I actually believe there would've been upheaval regardless of the 3rd-party client allowances. This was clearly noticed when the eyes of a character were changed, and that was something so small, no one could really notice it, anyways.

You are 100% correct about the official client prior to the Steam client, though. However, I'm not certain of the Steam client, as I'm still waiting for it to catch up to Runelite, but I'll gladly be making the swap as soon as it gets there.

I'm afraid I also can't disagree about the guy who made the graphics for a 3PC. I do so hope Jagex is in talks with them and works with them, possibly even compensating them for their work, to bring the HD graphics to the game. That's in addition to the suggestions I made in my earlier post, however.

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Now that I've had some time to look at 117's HD plugin, I think it's time I finally give another post on here.

The graphics of the HD plugin are really just about all I, and I suspect just about everyone who supported and still supports HD graphics, actually wanted from HD graphics on OSRS. Although, there are some exceptions where I could ask for more, but the overall look and feel is exactly where it needs to be. The only real changes I still want from it are particle effects and better animations that nullifies the need of Runelite's Animation Smoothing plugin, but given how the HD plugin was fan-made, I'm never going to be asking the creator of it to do that work.

I still look forward to what you, Jagex, have in the works. I also have a friend who's also really wanting some HD graphics for mobile, as he only ever plays on mobile, but while he's excited for the possibility, he seems to be more on the side of expecting it to never happen. I'm actually more hopeful that it will, and I'm also guessing improved animations will be added to the game with your own HD graphics solution.

When you do release your own, please allow 117's plugin to continue being used, so people can choose which they wish to use. I understand if you want to look at graphics changes on a case-by-case basis, but given how 117's has now be approved, please keep it that way unless they do something to it which goes against the game's terms of use.

And, though you have reversed your decision and have approved it after all the backlash from the players, I suggest using the situation as a learning experience. If your first news post wasn't you outright banning it, but was, instead, you saying you're getting in talks with 117 to determine whether or not to approve it, I don't believe there would've been any anger. Regardless, however, you did listen to the players and reversed your decision, thus that grants you some respect, seeing as you could've doubled-down, so I thank you for that.

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ShawnBW said:

Continued from previous post...

As for those who are still against the HD plugin, I've noticed that they tend to be the types who will simultaneously state to people to use a 3rd-party client if players want HD, but then also hypocritically state that 3rd-party clients need to be banned altogether, thus leaving for no option. Those same individuals will constantly argue against HD graphics and strawman players who want it by telling them to play RS3, even though RS3 is a massively different game and nowhere near an option for those who want an experience that OSRS grants.

The enjoyment one may receive from a game is based on many factors, but one of those factors is most certainly the graphics. All of what has transpired leading up to, and the subsequent release of, 117's plugin is proof positive that there is a large number of players who wanted HD graphics. Even despite those graphics being optional, those same people who keep saying to use a 3rd-party client for it, despite also saying to ban those same clients, also commonly ignorantly state that HD graphics being optional isn't possible, despite the countless sources of proof, including 117's plugin, to the contrary.

Unless a 3rd-party client doesn't comply with the terms of use, it shouldn't be banned. 3rd-party clients the likes of Runelite actually show you, again being Jagex I'm referring to here, ways in which the game can be improved, but without the need for your own R&D. By allowing them, you expand the base of ideas beyond the realm of your own company and allow the community to think of ways to better the game. Although, I suspect you're already aware of this, given the additions you've been making to your own clients, so all I can say is keep up the progress you've been making.

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ShawnBW said:

Final post, continued from my previous 2...

Lastly, for those who are hating on Jagex for allowing 117's plugin and for creating their own HD graphics solution, I suggest everyone just ignore them. The smallest dogs always bark the loudest, and they don't appear at all indicative of the player base as a whole. Strawman arguments will be common if you try to argue them, but the dispute isn't even necessary, as the decisions are done and final. Jagex has clearly made their choice, and I, just like a large number of others, very likely even the majority of the rest of the players, agree that it was the right choice to make.

@CM Nick

Please, update your first post on this thread to link to the news posting I'll have linked below, so players who, for whatever reason, aren't seeing the news post can see that the decision was reversed. For this one time being, I'll respond to the most recent individual who somehow missed the news posting.

I also want to thank you guys at Jagex, as unless it was a coincidence, you seem to have listened to some of what I said in my first comment on this thread, by way of making a news posting for every update on the issue. Again, I thank you for listening to the players and allowing the plugin, and I look forward to seeing how your own work turns out.

PKRondeau said:
Someone please correct me if this decision has been reversed. I could believe they would but I have no TRUE answer.

Yes, the decision has been reversed, and you can see Jagex's news posting in the link below:

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