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CM Nick

CM Nick

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No doubt many of you all know of Jagex's recent decision to have the Runelite HD 3rd party fan project shut down. I've gathered from the numerous threads today that some of you are frustrated about this, and as this is relevant news to the community, I thought it would be prudent to have a central thread for people to discuss this CIVILLY and to share constructive feedback on what they think the future of an HD OSRS would look like.

I'm very heavily stressing that this is not a thread for ranting; there is a whole entire forum for that. What this thread should be is a discussion around the news of this happening, and a way to share ideas and opinions about what the future of OSRS could look like, in a way that is not only within the rules of the RSOF, but constructive in nature, rather than a negatively-focused thread.

As such, there will be a watchful eye kept on this thread to ensure that everything stays within the boundries of the rules of RSOF, and general civility.

You can view the official statment on the matter by Jagex here.


You can see here Jagex's response to the community and update about the future of this on this newspost here, posted September 8th.

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It's a bad decision. Let them release their 3pc instead of blocking it because your "in the early stages" of working on your own hd, which let's face it, who knows when will release. Plus the time they waste making it could be well spent on other aspects of the game. Now you have a whole lot of people upset and leaving, myself included.

08-Sep-2021 01:13:41

Bk of Osrs

Bk of Osrs

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Jagex just robbed 2000 unpaid man hours from someone who was looking to openly better the game for others... I've cancelled my subscription.

The fallout of halting one of the most anticipated plugins for a third party client will be the loss of people who use that client aka 75% of active players.


08-Sep-2021 01:20:37

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Jagex needs to read the room.

I have found myself cancelling memberships on my accounts over the last couple years. These decisions are in no way to benefit the community or the game itself. It’s difficult to admit, but you are 5 years behind what your dwindling playerbase wants. The fact that you are willing to push your community aside and step on developers who have made your game immensely better and more popular for no benefit of their own screams volumes about the priorities of the current mod team.

As a veteran player I am very disappointed.
Please don’t push your community aside.

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Nardwe Bones
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Nardwe Bones

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Just so we are not mistaking, the option for Enable HD wouldn't ruin the game at all and jagex didn't claim to make the decision not to make it (Actually quite the opposite)

The issue is that Open Source or even Community Driven projects that don't negativily effect the game shouldn't be under Jagex's Domain if they want a Healthy Community.

Most Gamers have fallen in love with the idea of Modifications for their favorite game and this HD rendition (Or Others that have followed suit) is no different.

There are many games that have take the same approach as Jagex has, but other games such as SL allow different "viewers"

Essentially a client Can be used in a "Game altering advantage" but honestly the Graphics is a solid debatable topic if that is truely unfair.

Now I beleive Jagex should allow developers to work on third party clients and even urge Jagex to either allow third party server hosting into becoming some sort of hosting service for player to host even perhaps implement their own desired server based modifications as well for private use.

Jagex approach to their codebase is sad, the game is not Growing and will NOT grow at the rate they would approciate under the current game model.

Game such as Minecraft push full steam still due to the Openness (Though Struggle at times) of third party modification and even further implementations through the vanilla experience, RS should be able to take these examples and build upon Community FIRST just as OSRS had begun.

Stop pulling in this tug of war game and just fall in the mud Jagex make yourself content with losing this battle and do what is right for the community which is PRAISE Third Party Commitments and even CONTRIBUTE or COLLABORATE.

There are many sides to this but I beleive we need more programmers like 117 and you have done a diservice to him and many other developers.

I feel ashamed your staff has LAUGHED on camera at the idea of this type of openness on a QA it disheartens me deeply.

08-Sep-2021 01:32:54



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Jeremy Cheng said:
I'm quite pleased by this decision. Props to jagex for keeping osrs graphics old school!

The thing is, an HD Graphics plugin has literally no effect on you if you don't want it. That's the beauty of it. Literal 0 effect. They let it go under development for 2000 hours over the course of 2 years before literally as it was being released, they finally said no, also they said they're making their own HD graphics. So your view on this seems completely backwards.

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Nardwe Bones
Mar Member 2021

Nardwe Bones

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Sometimes I feel like this is a form of descriminaton against Software Engineering/Freedoms of Creativity.

I know in the past Runescape has supported causes like LGBTQ why is Open Source and Third Party Contributations any different?

08-Sep-2021 01:39:26

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