Dmg control stream

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Are you talking about the livestream with Mod Markos last Thursday?

Can you be more specific on what do you think is a joke and what are you voting no to?

Anyway, my opinions on the stream are:

(1) Yes, it is for damage control, but I don't think they are just talking and will be doing at least something.

(2) I think they will put Nex in the game as they mentioned. They aren't just talking about it. I don't see why I should say no.

(3) Removing Sand Casino is the just talking and no doing part perhaps, as Jagex stand to lose a big chunk of revenue doing so.

(4) Removing bots? Just talking perhaps, especially when what they are actually doing is unbanning a lot of banned bots like what they did in the IVP era. :D

(5) Stopping RWT and improving account security? I believe them to a certain extent as regulations call for their duties of care on such areas anyway.

26-Sep-2021 16:47:53

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