Old School RuneScape General Rules

The Old School General Forum is a place for discussion relating to Old School RuneScape that doesn’t fit into any other forum. Events, goals and achievements are welcomed here as well.

If you wish to buy or sell items, please use one of the OSRS Marketplace forums.

If you want to give or share feedback or make a suggestion, please use the Old School Feedback & Poll Suggestions forum.

If you are interested in clans, please use the Old School Clans forum.

Please use the Old School Advice & Teamwork forum if you are interested in:

As ever, a thread search can check if the topic you want to discuss already has a well-established thread dedicated to it. This keeps the forums nice and tidy.

None of the Old School forums are the right place to discuss bans for macroing in any form. If you wish to discuss a ban relating to your account please visit the Support Centre here