Obelus - Social/Skilling/PvM

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Please fill out the application.

1. What is your RSN?


2. What is your combat level and total level?


3. Have you read the clan rules? Please list at least 2.

1. No Scamming. We have zero tolerance for item scamming. Do not ask other members for items without offering collateral.
We won't accept applications if you have been on RS Justice / RuneWatch. Scamming a former clan mate or RS player is an automatic ban.

12. We have a no Multi-clanning policy, however, there are exceptions. As Obelus is predominantly a Social Clan, we will not allow ranked members to maintain a rank in any other Social clans. We will allow members to hold a rank in; Completionist, PKing, HLC skilling & PvM-exclusive clans

4. What will you do to help better our clan? And will you give feedback?

hoping to provide humble comedic relief at times & will always give + receive constructive criticism

5. Will you be willing to recruit or help bump the forums?


6. Favorite activity in OSRS? (Skilling/Minigames/PVM)

hmm hard to tell. probably skilling rn

7. What is your experience with Chambers of Xeric/Theatre of Blood?

zero to none experience - hoping for some learner raids :)

8. What is your timezone?

UTC -5

9. How did you find the clan or did someone recommend it to you?


10. Have you been in a clan before? If yes, what was your reason for leaving and have you notified them of your clan change?

I have been in clans before!
They've been informed!

02-Sep-2021 01:39:52

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