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Elbows Out

Elbows Out

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1. What is your RSN?

2. What is your combat level and total level?
CMB: 123, TOTAL: 2021

3. Have you read the clan rules? Please list at least 2.
Rule 1 ľ No Scamming
Rule 4 ľ Be respectful

4. What will you do to help better our clan? And will you give feedback?
I am a friendly and laid back player, happy to participate in any events. I like to help out other players when they need, whether that be tanking for a task or doing supply drops

5. Will you be willing to recruit or help bump the forums?
Yes, I enjoy meeting new players and will invite the right kinds of players to join the clan

6. Favorite activity in OSRS? (Skilling/Minigames/PVM)
Group PVM is my main focus, I enjoy skilling and minigames as well, especially during clan events

7. What is your experience with Chambers of Xeric/Theatre of Blood?
82 KC at COX, but its been while since I have done any raids
I have some learning experience at TOB but 0 kc

8. What is your timezone?

9. How did you find the clan or did someone recommend it to you?
Megabass was my old clan leader, he recommended this clan as I have recently started playing again and would like to PVM with some friendly and hopefully patient players

10. Have you been in a clan before? If yes, what was your reason for leaving and have you notified them of your clan change?
I have been part of a few clans (big and small). I stopped playing earlier this year and my old clan has been disbanded. I spoke to megabass and he said a lot of our members joined this clan

08-Nov-2021 18:59:11

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