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1. What is your RSN? ESPARG0

2. What is your combat level and total level? 126 and 2277

3. Have you read the clan rules? Please list at least 2. No scamming and no staking talk

4. What will you do to help better our clan? And will you give feedback? i think i am a half decent pvmr and can maybe help some ppl learn how to raid

5. Will you be willing to recruit or help bump the forums? yes

6. Favorite activity in OSRS? (Skilling/Minigames/PVM) PVM

7. What is your experience with Chambers of Xeric/Theatre of Blood? I am very high kc on both (2.5k cox 1.1k tob) but I have not done raids in 5 to 6 months and im looking to get back into it.

8. What is your timezone? UK time

9. How did you find the clan or did someone recommend it to you? My brother recommended it

10. Have you been in a clan before? If yes, what was your reason for leaving and have you notified them of your clan change? Yes, i left the clan beacuse i no longer met the gear requirements.

24-Sep-2021 19:59:22

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