Diary Armour Stand in POH

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Its my first Thread in the Forums for Years... I've just had an Idea, dunno if i'm in the right Corner.

What do u think about Diary Armour stand in POH to use their Teleports?.
The Armour stand for Castle wars or the otherones are kinda Useless and boring. I would like it to build up the Hard Diary Armour (also to use the Teleports) or the Shayzien Armour tier 5 (looking better)

What du u think?

29-Jan-2021 07:52:05

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Support except I think it should go in the achievement gallery in the "display" build slot. I think it'd be cool if you could swap out each item individually. e.g Rather than the whole hard set you could have various tier items all on the same stand and when you complete a new diary tier you get to add that item to your stand.

13-Feb-2021 11:33:34



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I could support the Diary Armour Stand/Case. It should be able to display all of your diary pieces, as well as grab them from display when needed (saves bank space), or use their teleports. Along with each piece, this shows each regions progress for you. (in similarity to the quest scroll on the wall when the interface is open). Nothing beats a good night's sleep.

23-Feb-2021 16:59:48

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