POH idea: Minigame Hall & more

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This is such a great idea that itís practically a no-brainer. In fact, since I havenít thoroughly explored OSRS Construction yet, when I read the title I thought ďIsnít there a minigame hall already?Ē There isnít, and itís strange that there isnít!

Total support. And I do also have two other ideas:

1: I would like to see some other options for large trophies, however. How about a plant from the Tithe farm or a barrel of god staves from the Mage Arena?

2: Wintertodt is a minigame, right? So why not put the Pyromancer set on the armor stand? Someone with 99 Firemaking wouldnít have much else to do with it.
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31-Jan-2021 17:06:43

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