A lore question about Vanstrom

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I love the vampyre quest line and I still cant figure this character out, Maybe some of you can help me.

Why Does Vanstrom Klaus (Formerly Ascertes) want to kill his son Safaalan and not seem to care that his wife Efaritay is imprisoned in the castle.

Was it simply his transformation to a vampyre that caused him to turn against them? He seems to have quite a bit of freedom and power within the Vampyre ranks but instead of saving or simply being peaceful with his past loved ones he wants them dead.

An aditional question, who was it who turned him into a Vampyre, was it Drakan himself?

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Lord Drakan
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Lord Drakan

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The process of vampyrisation gave him loads of power. He can use magic, shapeshift, fly, battle, and so on, and he wields much power in the political sense as well. Presumably, the vampyrisation process also warps one's mind, as evidenced by all the hostile juvinates and juveniles that are friendly when turned back human, or the vyrewatch that find peace when cremated. I think it's inevitable that a human turned vampyre becomes 'evil', even if he can still remember his previous life, as Vanstrom did. Should we have been able to cure Vanstrom, I think he would've been very grateful and regretted his actions immensely; but his vampyric form seemingly does not allow for such thoughts. Does that make sense? Bizarre Boron Fusswell, scryer extraordinaire. OSRS: POH ideas & RS3 minigames & achievement ideas!

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