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I realize that at this point, the ship had sailed as far as 'Death of Chivalry 2' goes, and if Mod Stu had known it was going to turn out this way, he wouldn't have ended the quest on the cliffhanger he left it on. Still, they could have handled it better.

Perhaps instead of a lengthy dialogue sequence, they could have instead had a 'Fremmenik Saga' type miniquest where the player gets to control Owen while teaming up with Saradomin and Fern. THat would allow for plenty of lore drops as well as action and a resolution to the story, while not making the player feel entirely left out. Granted, the resolution would end up being a flashback, but a flashback is still better than just having it an offscreen adventure told entirely in dialogue.

And it could be replayable, with rewards for both partial and full completion, like the Fremmenik Sagas. It'd also be appropriate, as Sir Owen first appeared in a Fremmenik Saga ('Three's Company') long before Death of Chivalry. It'd be bringing Sir Owen back to his roots, sort of.

That would have been a preferable alternative.

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The more I think about it, the more I wonder about whether the story related by Sir Owen was the originally planned conclusion.

If it was, then I suppose I can see why a budget-conscious Jagex might not want to waste time and resources on what ends up mostly being a plot cul-de-sac as far as the larger storylines go. Nothing changes aside from Fern and the centaurs moving on peacefully to the other side, and the Wand of Resurrection being broken, taking both off the table. The larger story arcs don't really advance beyond what already happened in Part One.

It seems that if this were an actual quest, the only benefits to the player would be some XP rewards and maybe another skilling area, or a repeatable boss fight like the Corporeal Beast or something like that.

However, I suppose it is possible there were earlier ending ideas that would have led to more content (i.e. a few new centaur allies, a setup for a god conflict event that never happened), that were eventually discarded, leaving basically the scenario Sir Owen outlines to us. It certainly seems likely that by the time Sliske's Endgame turned up, the never-seen sequel was more or less no longer relevant.

And so with Sir Owen's character arc resuming in Azzanadra's Quest (where his loyalties are tested), everything not directly involving Sir Owen ended up being just loose ends that needed to be tied up. And since those loose ends weren't going anywhere that was relevant to the current storyline of the dragonkin and the Elder Gods, it probably didn't seem worth the effort to actually show that conclusion in a playable quest.

It's very disappointing, especially as The Death of Chivalry was a well-written and engaging quest. But it's understandable.

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Autumn Elite said:
Ojacha said:
Or are you saying Jagex actually said this somewhere?

Sir Owen’s in-game dialogue references us not attending the quest as “due to our busy schedule”.

Player: Weren’t we going to go on a quest together?
Sir Owen: Indeed. Saradomin's expedition to restore Fern's undead herd to life. We eagerly awaited you, for quite some time. I sent word to you, but received no reply. It seems you were occupied; adventuring with mahjarrat and dragonkin and gods greater than gods. With surprising regularity, you take it upon yourself to save the world from impending calamity. We postponed our quest for a suitably polite period, but the corruption contaminating my body (and Fern's nagging) drove me to action. In your absence, Saradomin joined us on our quest, and battled undead horrors by my side.

Jagex seems to think joking about the fact the quest never got released is acceptable.

The thing is, it wasn't the PLAYER who was occupied with Mahjarrat and dragonkin and gods greater than gods. It was the Jagex design team, who no longer had time for stories that didn't really progress what was now considered the 'main' plot (or as one observer referred to it, the Master Tale). There's probably a lot of stuff that went on behind the scenes, things we may never know about, that might have contributed to Death of Chivalry's sequel being scrapped, and Sir Owen giving a lengthy summary as a way of telling us to let it go and move on.

Unfortunately, there's no real 5th Age/6th Age dividing line designation between pre-Sliske's Endgame (early 6th age) and post-Sliske's Endgame content. If there were, then perhaps it'd be possible for quests set between The World Wakes and Sliske's Endgame to be released. But unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be such a designation.

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