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Beware of the angry lorehound ahead!

So, apparently Jagex has released Death of Chivalry 2 alongside City of Senntisten. After the Battle of the Monolith, you can speak to Sir Owen who seems to be standing there for no reason. Then, you can experience the long-awaited sequel to one of the first sixth-age quests ever made...

Through dialogue...

Yup. Turns out Owen, Saradomin and Fern went on their little journey without you, the actual player of the actual game.

They go to the wilderness, encounter undead centaurs, they fight, the centaurs move on to the afterlife, and the wand of ressurection is now broken. Badabing, Badaboom.

This is just another part of a trend I've seen going on with Jagex lately, which is narrating the story of RuneScape to us, rather than having us experiencing it first-hand. When they cheapened out on cutscene cost by conveying important plotpoints through hastely drawn artwork and boring narration, I was willing to put with it. When they released the less than turbulent Battle of the Monolith, while telling us about the more interesting tidbits through newspost, I was willing to put up with it.

But releasing a whole quests worth of story through NPC text is beyond pathetic. I understand quests are expensive to make, and Jagex' resources have to sometimes be directed elsewhere, evident by the long time it sometimes took for a new sequel to be released. But I never minded waiting, because I knew the wait would always be worth it in the end (save for Salt in the Wound).

Imagine Jagex is building hype for a new boss monster. Years go by with all players waiting for it. Then suddenly, the raptor appears in the Grand Exchange and says: 'Remember that boss monster that was going to appear in Gielinor? It's already dead. I killed it. It had this very dangerous smoke attack. But you can't fight it anymore.'

I just hope that this trend doesn't continue... Because the story is my main enjoyment of playing the game...
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Autumn Elite said:
And to also have the *audacity* to play it off as a joke and it being the players fault? Absolute trash, whoever wrote that shouldn’t be allowed near the game. It is borderline gas lighting.

Are you referring to Owen blaming us for his corruption? Or are you saying Jagex actually said this somewhere?

Also. Some poeple here are saying that Jagex did this to tie up Owen's plotline before starting the new elder god war one. Even though this may be their reasoning, I still can't see why they couldn't just release an actual quest even after the elder god war. So far, there are zero connections between the centaur and elder god war storylines. So assuming both Owen and Saradomin survive the coming conflict, why not just release a quest? Have Owen fight Dragonkin and Tokhaar and whatever and then have him go back to resurrecting dead centaurs. There is nothing that prevents this from being possible. It would make for a clunky character-arc, but who cares? Anything is better than what we got. Hell, release it as a prequel if you have to. Or if we are going to be lazy, just put some models in the wilderness, have them do a little fight animation, write some dialogue around it (just like you did with the battle of the monolith) and call it a miniquest. I don't care if it takes 10 more years. Just give us something that's actually engaging.

I'm sorry for going off on a rant like this. But storytelling is something dear to my heart. And seeing a story I have always enjoyed butchered like this just hurts...
'If there is no one left to stand behind, then I will have to stand alone.'

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