Gods Loss of Divine Energy

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I wanted to post this thread to understand just what happens to a God whos power has been drained or spilled?
Does this kill them?
Do they simply lose power?

In the BoL when Saradomins energy beam struck Zamorak, Zamorak lost one tier of power.

In the BatB when Bandos was decapitated did his divine energy just spill out and dissipate?

What exactly was
cause of death? She wasn't drained of her power

was attacked by the Dragonkin his god power from the SoJ was transferred to Tarshak, shouldn't this have just powered him down or he lost his divine power?

What about
when he self destructed? Did he lose any of his power?

SO MANY QUESTIONS. Also please don't kill any more of these well written or great potential Gods. (ahem Karamjan Gods, Tumeken...)

If Mod Raven or Mod Osbourne or any of the Lore mods could please answer these for us Lorehounds.

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When a god loses their power, or at least completely ,... they ... are ... dead.
Tuska is a mindless beast that is mostly dead. Only the residual anima of all the worlds she consumed is still coursing thru her. It's not like it is keeping her alive. (Think like the Golden Throne in Warhammer 40k that is keeping the Emperor of Mankind "alive" ... just without the whole 'most powerful psychic in the galaxy' and the warp being in play).
Tuska's cause of death was being repeatedly stabbed by an anima energized weapon. The spears used in WE3 were basically an attempt to recreate the God Sword. They weren't a perfect attempt, thus why it took LOTS of pokes of doom and LOTS of anima to leave her mostly dead.

Zaros is stated as having the ability to escape death (of sorts). So when Zammy began draining Zaros' power, Zaros was able to do a fast jump from his crystalized form he had (at the time) and escape as a ball of energy.
It took THOUSANDS of years for him to regain the majority of his energy (that's assuming you didn't give him a light anima shell). Even then, he may be wiser, but he might still be weaker than his pre-God Wars form.

Zamorak and Saradomin were simply a case of 2 beings doing a continuous beam of energy at each other and being fed lots more raw energies by followers (or whatever you want to call it). Saradomin got more and then hit Zamorak. You could say that Zammy lost a tier because he was trying to pump in more of his own energy to keep up, and still lost.

After BatB, the devs stated that when a god dies, if another god killed them, they have the option to absorb their energy. Armadyl didn't do that. So Bandos' energy took a page from other gods, and yes, leaked out. Given that he lost a tier from his attempt to make the Amulet for his Chosen Commander, and then the Yubiusk Portal, there might not have been too much to absorb.

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With V, it was said by that Dragonkin that there was a side effect of the Dragonkin that became the Abomination. But for the most part, the Dragonkin were never supposed to have the "divine power" that came from all of this except as a response to someone abusing the Stone of Jas.
In addition, the divine power was transferred out of V, who was already in bad shape at the time. So when they used The Mirror on him, and you hear him screaming out during Heroes Welcome ... that was V getting a rather horrific death.

Tumeken is still an unknown. As far as we know, he is "dead" after he blew himself up. The piece that is in the Kharid Diamond (name?) houses a small portion of whatever is left of him. Until we get the Desert Quest Series finale, we don't have a definitive answer.
I don't think that it can be considered the same thing that happened to Seren who willingly broke herself down (into bits so the elves would still have 'something' of her so they don't go like the elves of the elf homeworl).
When Tumeken died, he used up a lot of his power to actually detonate like the Stone of Jas in the Wilderness.

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The final detail: when a god dies ... they dead.
When you reach the sort of ascension that "gods" get, they lose the ability to go to any sort of afterlife.
So the tragedy of Guthix that he thought he would be able to rejoin his daughter in an afterlife is heartbreaking on its own.

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Actually Guthix knew that once he died, that he wouldn't have an afterlife.

Especially with Death being one of his Guardians

He probably told you that he would finally get to see Aagi again as a way to not totally break the spirit of the player, since at that point no God had ever fully died in view of anyone still alive.

Guthix's blessing to you and his Guardians is actually a very sweet one in a way. He made sure that all of them (Well except poor Cres, since he was brought back to life once already) would have some kind of afterlife waiting for you by not allowing any of you to gain Divine powers
Balance in all things

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I see people have already provided some rather insightful and useful comments on this subject and I fear that I don't have much to add. I guess my understanding is that their divine energy acts like some sort of lifeforce. They may gain more of it and become stronger, they may lose some of it and grow weaker or they may lose all of it and die

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