Lore Theory: Elder god genocid

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Lore Theory: Something is slowly killing of the Species that is the "Elder gods".

We know in the previous "universe" there was 5 Elder gods. But because Mah's Egg was damaged, that left us with only 4 Elders in "This" universe.

Then, Jas used her Egg to create one of the Elder Tools, the Stone of Jas, leaving us with only 3 Eggs left. We know she did this because without Mah, they didn't have enough power to do their "work".

But what if... that was the plan all along?

We also know that in the Universe before Jas, Mah and the others hatched, there might have been SIX Elder gods, but something....wrong, happened (strongly hinted at being tied to whatever damaged Mah's egg).

What if before even THAT, there was Seven? And so forth and so forth.

What if long, long ago, countless Revisions in the past, there Many Elder gods.

What if, something, over long Aeons, has been slowly killing off the Species that is the "Elder gods" for some reason or another... and now, with only 3 Elder gods "left", it's almost completed its goal.

[From Reddit]
"Do you really think you can save them, [Player]? You can't. The spiral of time leads only to the gaping maw of eternity. And this is Xau-Tak."

"Do you really think you can save them, [Player]? You can't. There is a grinding darkness against which your soul shall be lathed. And this is Xau-Tak."

Up til now we've presumed "them" to be "everyone on Gielinor." But, what if "them" is the Elder Gods/their eggs? - /u/Kent_Knifen
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It's probably a fair assumption to make, that the elder gods are at the top of the chain.

I absolutely wouldn't be surprised to hear that there was many elder gods that have been shrunk down over time, this would support the whole rebirth lore. With the world they are currently on, catching wind of what they do when they hatch and finding ways to cause them to shrink in numbers somehow. It does seem odd though that if this was the case, the elder gods would surely change their strategy for survival.

It's fair to assume though, that unless they want to kill the whole game, this story will end up hitting some sort of limit. Or they manage to make some fancy parallel universe story xD

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