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There are also some other minor gods we know about, who are basically footnotes in other gods' histories. For example, the god whose death caused Marimbo to ascend to godhood, or the god who was killed by Tuska to ascend to godhood. Then there are also deities we know about very little, like the Karamjan god(s) and the Sixth Elder God, as well as deities we're not sure even exist, like the Kendal.

Most notably, however, you forgot about Loarnab. Although he is dead after being drained of his divine energy to summon twelve legions of demons to Gielinor, he seems to have some form of lingering presence remaining, given that the monsters in A Soul's Bane are embodiments of the feelings Loarnab felt before his death and Tolna's monstrous form has several heads, like a hydra. And while the fate of Loarnab in Dimension of Disaster is very different from regular Loarnab, it might indicate that the remains of Loarnab still have some latent remains of his divine power.

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