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Thanks for the list! It gives me a lot of notice of what quests to do next before trying to move on to others. I'm afraid to read the other posts because there were some possible spoilers in there.

Sucks that I was spoiled to Cyrius dying though, and I'm not even close to WGS :(. Oh well, he wasn't that integral to my player's life, anyway :)

21-Oct-2016 20:10:14

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Wahisietel said:
As requested by Mod Jack and others on this thread, I have compiled a list of every quest in the game, and marked which age they take place in. This includes all quests that that can be considered to take place in the Sixth Age, the Fifth Age (which includes more than just the 20 or so that are marked as Fifth Age in the game), and "age neutral quests", which can take place in either age.

Some quests are required for Fifth Age quests, but for the purposes of storyline and gameplay, they have little reason to be there, and could easily be removed. Although, until that happens, I still consider them Fifth Age. These quests are in italics.

Personally, I consider ALL quests released prior to Bringing Home the Bacon Fifth Age, but many of them could really take place in either age. At any rate, this list may be considered useful for those who wish to complete all Fifth Age quests before starting The World Wakes, and then moving onto Sixth Age ones such a Bringing Home the Bacon and the Death of Chivalry.

The link to the other thread that I bolded links back to this same thread. What? :P
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So, with Endgame concluded, it looks like we've got eight outstanding quest series~

Desert (explicitly 5th Age)
Gnomes (implicitly 5th Age)
Pirates (implicitly 5th Age)
Elemental Workshop (neutral)
Penguins (neutral)
Elder Gods (6th Age)
Dragonkin/Robert (6th Age)
Sir Owen (6th Age)

Probably only one left for pirates and gnomes. Three left for desert. Three for elemental workshop. No way to guess for the others.

The past three years have all seen seven quest releases. Menaphos releases with two quests, there's a Bik quest, we've got two standalone quests in Evil Dave and Nexus quests, then probably one to accompany each of the other two expansions - one of which has a good shot of being Piratey, with the Ambassador upcoming. That takes care of the quest schedule for 2017.

I'm wondering if desert quests will be set in the 5th Age or if they'll jump into the current era. Kinda weird with how big a role Icthlarin has in 6th Age content. Myreque and desert were really the two questlines that should have been completed before TWW released.

09-Jan-2017 06:58:35

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Reading through this list, it's pretty interesting, but there's one thing in particular that's throwing me off: Original message details are unavailable.
Kharshai cameos in Hero's Welcome regardless of whether or not this miniquest is completed or not, making a pretty strong case for being Fifth Age.
Eh?? I've done Hero's Welcome (cf. my current title) but not Koschei's Troubles, and I certainly don't recall having seen Kharshai cameo. And trust me, I would've remembered it if I did, because Kharshai is amazing. (He has post-quest dialogue for it, but that's obviously only accessible once you've done the miniquest.) Though I do reckon it's safest to assume Koschei's Troubles is Fifth Age, due to its release date, it could certainly count as "age-neutral" -- especially considering how he isn't there in MPD if you haven't done the miniquest yet. Basically a matter of "you help him with his identity crisis whenever you get round to it".
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17-Mar-2017 05:37:20

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koschei isnt in mpd if you havent done koschei's troubles, but that doesn't mean the miniquest is sixth age or fifth age. It just means 'the player' hasnt done that miniquest yet, let him have this tiny surprise. Big surprise would be like 'what, guthix died?!' and obviously they'd make reference to something like that even if you didnt do tww

Icthlarin also states (in the same quest) that his sister's still out and about eating souls, but her entire questline seems best suited to fifth age... she's not terrible scary anymore with the much more powerful gods about. Also, the vampyre questline ended fifth age... I imagine they'd do the same for amascut
so in that, him saying that bit in the quest doesn't mean she *has to* be sixth age, it just means 'oh hey, it's icthlarin, let's catch up, oh you cant say anything because it might cause a time paradox and/or be immersion-breaking? well okay then'
dudes can't just show up and be like 'oh, lucien? he died ages ago' while you're still very much trying to stop him from becoming a god

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So, here's a list of quests that most need marking as 5th Age. This list disregards things such and prerequisites and mechanics, and only cares about if they make no sense standalone after participating in Sixth Age content.

Druidic Ritual - Guthix referred to as alive.
Goblin Diplomacy - Introduction of Grubfoot, start of his character arc, makes no sense to see him here after participating 6th Age Invention skill.
The Grand Tree, The Eyes of Glouphrie & The Path of Glouphrie - Hazelmere referred to as dead in Nomad's Elegy. WGS vision.
Dream Mentor - Cyrisus dies in WGS, his death is referred to in Nomad's Elegy
Deadliest Catch - Linza dies in Kindred Spirits
Tears of Guthix - Guthix referred to as alive, introduction of Juna.
Quiet Before the Swarm, A Void Dance, The Void Stares Back - Introduction of Valluta, who appears in TWW, quests make little sense after having met Valluta. TWW & DAT recommended req.
Icthlarin's Little Helper - First meeting with Icthlarin, who is a major character in 6th Age content. Amascut hypnotising us presumably wouldn't work as World Guardian.
Dealing with Scabaras - Edicts of Guthix mentioned in post-quest dialogue.
Nomad's Requiem - Introduction of Nomad, makes no sense to happen after Dishonour amongst Thieves
Darkness of Hallowvale, Legacy of Seergaze, Branches of Darkmeyer - Intact edicts of guthix major plot point. TWW recommended reqs.
The Dig Site - Introduction of Zaros, obviously makes no sense to take place after Temple at Senntisten, Fate of the Gods, ect.
Blood Runs Deep - Death of Brand & Astrid, who show up in Nomad's Elegy, which this quest is not required for.
Recruitment Drive - Saradomin referenced as having not returned to Gielinor.
Meeting History - Introduction of The World Gate, Elder Gods, first appearance of Guthix, ect.
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23-May-2017 16:48:54

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Apologies if anyone of this was already covered. I haven't been active in a while, but I'm looking over the quests marked as "Amibiguous", and there are a few I take issue with in the current in-game list. Mostly I'm looking at prerequisites, though I can't recall if there were any particular rules.

1. Ernest the Chicken & Animal Magnetism: Required for Do No Evil, which is turn required for Our Man in the North, and subsequently 'Phite Club. All of those quests are explicitly listed as Fifth Age, so both of the required quests should be as well.

2. The Fremennik Isles, Mountain Daughter, and Royal Trouble are required for Glorious Memories, yet all of those quests - including Glorious Memories - are marked as "Ambiguous", despite being required for Blood Runs Deep, which is explicitly marked as Fifth Age. Royal Trouble also requires Throne of Miscellania, which is also Ambiguous. Generally, it seems that the issues depends on where Glorious Memories is considered to belong.

3. Rune Mysteries: It's required for way too many Fifth Age quests. Not sure why this one is ambiguous.

4. Tower of Life: This one shouldn't bother me too much, except Deadliest Catch is marked as Fifth Age, so I think Tower of Life and Deadliest Catch should belong in the same category.

5. Underground Pass: Frankly, this one is inexcusable. It's required for Legends' Quest (Which in turn is required for The Branches of Darkmeyer and While Guthix Sleeps), and more directly, Regicide, which leads into Mourning's Ends Part II… which is, again, required for While Guthix Sleeps. I can understand why Within the Light is ambiguous, but considering The Branches of Darkmeyer and While Guthix Sleeps - which lead to River of Blood and Ritual of the Mahjarrat - Underground Pass should not be "Ambiguous". It is very much a Fifth Age quest.

30-Nov-2017 21:01:40

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