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I've been trying to find a chronological quest order list, but haven't yet found anything that sits right with me. There's the 'timeline' order of quests in game, but aside from putting lots of quests into certain eras, it doesn't really make sense. It has the player going here there and everywhere inefficiently, and quests frequently have a pre requisite quest that takes place later on or even in an entirely different future era, making the timeline impossible to follow. There's also a few attempts in threads, but I found these to be quite jarring; in one of the most popular ones, it has you doing Troll Stronghold (with an enemy just under 100 combat level) as the sixth quest... Sheep Shearer is the 38th. Why would I be shearing someone's sheep for them after knocking down vampyres and trolls?

So I made a list of quests and organised them through a few filters. First I listed them all, then sorted in alphabetical order since a lot of quests have no strict placement so they might as well be in a neat order. Secondly, I organised them into their timeline eras (aside from a couple of outliers due to pre requisites). Then within each era, I sorted them by combat difficulty since it makes far more sense to me that someone would start off shearing sheep and gathering ingredients for a cake before starting fighting even small monsters, then going on to fight greater beasts. Next, I sorted by location, because it makes far more sense for the player to complete the quests that are next door to each other rather than teleporting around the world; in universe, the player character has no reason to randomly teleport from ardougne to draynor to do another quest, it makes more sense to walk there doing quests along the way. Finally, I sorted by pre requisite clashes, where the current order caused issues in which case I moved a few quests forward which also keeps the plot threads a little more contained.

The result hopefully flows much more nicely, which I'll post below.

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Cook's Assistant
Sheep Shearer
Myths of the White Lands
Swept Away
Ernest the Chicken
Rune Mysteries
Rune Memories
Goblin Diplomacy
Gertrude's Cat
Helping Laniakea
Let Them Eat Pie
Wolf Whistle
Violet Is Blue
Druidic Ritual
Murder Mystery
Dwarf Cannon
Clock Tower
Monk's Friend
Sheep Herder
Plague City

(Up until this point, there is no necessary combat; the player explores the lands and is introduced to some skills. From here, the player goes from glorified handyman to the beginnings of a real adventurer).

Stolen Hearts
Diamond in the Rough
One Piercing Note
The Blood Pact
The Restless Ghost
Imp Catcher
Pirate's Treasure
Song from the Depths
Witch's Potion
Observatory Quest
Shield of Arrav
Demon Slayer

(This is where the player goes from a newbie adventurer to someone beginning to gain a reputation, and some experience in matters beyond mortal opponents and harmless ghosts. While a weak NPC, Delrith is a powerful being in the lore; unable to be defeated with any weapon whatsoever except Silverlight, as well as being weak only due to being freshly summoned, having the power to destroy Varrock at full strength... a pretty big step up from shearing sheep and fetching some eggs and milk I'd say. From here, the adventurer is skilled enough to take on bigger threats like vampyres and werewolves, though is still relatively inexperienced which especially shows in Vampyre Slayer and Priest in Peril as we are freshly introduced to these monsters and cause some blunders in Priest in Peril especially).

Vampyre Slayer
Priest in Peril
A Soul's Bane
Broken Home
Rag and Bone Man
A Shadow over Ashdale
Death Plateau
Hazeel Cult

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Tower of Life
The Tale of the Muspah
Fishing Contest
Perils of Ice Mountain
Gunnar's Ground
Bringing Home the Bacon
Jungle Potion
Buyers and Cellars
From Tiny Acorns
Rune Mechanics
The Jack of Spades
Chef's Assistant
Recruitment Drive
What's Mine is Yours
Doric's Task I
Doric's Task II
Eagles' Peak
Nature Spirit
Elemental Workshop I
Fur 'n' Seek

(Nothing particularly exciting here, but these are claimed to take place after the pathfinder era so I rolled with it. Despite being around the same tier in practice, we do end with Fur 'N' Seek which puts us up against our highest combat level opponent so far).


Spirit of Summer
The Dig Site
All Fired Up
Boric's Task I-II
Doric's Task III-IV
Animal Magnetism
Purple Cat
Tribal Totem
Enlightened Journey
Beneath Cursed Tides
Lost Her Marbles
The Lost Tribe
Tears of Guthix (quest)
The Golem
You Are It
The Giant Dwarf
Forgettable Tale...
Making History
Meeting History
The Hand in the Sand
Sea Slug
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
The Tourist Trap
Merlin's Crystal
Holy Grail
Bar Crawl
Scorpion Catcher
Elemental Workshop III
Elemental Workshop IV
Cold War
Hunt for Red Raktuber
Mountain Daughter
Creature of Fenkenstrain
Garden of Tranquillity
Ghosts Ahoy
Death to the Dorgeshuun
The Feud
Witch's House
Elemental Workshop II
What Lies Below
The Knight's Sword
Quiet Before the Swarm
The Slug Menace
Kennith's Concerns
Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Zogre Flesh Eaters
Waterfall Quest
Tree Gnome Village
Icthlarin's Little Helper
Missing My Mummy
A Tail of Two Cats
Shades of Mort'ton
In Search of the Myreque
In Aid of the Myreque
The Darkness of Hallowvale
Lost City
Dragon Slayer
Another Slice of H.A.M.
Salt in the Wound
Spirits of the Elid
Shadow of the Storm
Carnillean Rising
Smoking Kills
Desert Slayer Dungeon
The Fremennik Trials
Olaf's Quest
Three's Company/ Vengeance

(Here we see the first big clash; My Arm's Big Adventure Eyes Of Glouphrie have Heroic quest pre requisites).

12-Jul-2019 05:21:29



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As a First Resort
Some Like It Cold
In Pyre Need
My Arm's Big Adventure
Boric's Task III
Doric's Task V-VI
Summer's End
Enakhra's Lament
Land of the Goblins
Between a Rock...
Shilo Village
Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains
Hopespear's Will
Haunted Mine
One Small Favour
King's Ransom
Temple of Ikov
Heroes' Quest
Throne of Miscellania
Royal Trouble
Fight Arena
Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen
The Chosen Commander
Legacy of Seergaze
Lair of Tarn Tazorlor
Rum Deal
Cabin Fever
Family Crest
Fairy Tale III - Battle at Ork's Rift
Horror from the Deep
Lunar Diplomacy
Underground Pass
The Grand Tree
The Eyes of Glouphrie
The Path of Glouphrie
Troll Stronghold
Troll Romance
Devious Minds
Eadgar's Ruse
The Fremennik Isles
Thok It To 'Em/ Nadir
Recipe for Disaster
The Great Brain Robbery
Defender of Varrock
The Hunt For Surok
A Void Dance

(Here we have two Champion era quests out of necessity, though it shouldn't be a significant clash. We also have to place The General's Shadow in the Legendary era due to pre requisites).


A Guild Of Our Own
Doric's Task VII-VIII
Deadliest Catch
Rocking Out
Catapult Construction
Grim Tales
Roving Elves
The Prisoner of Glouphrie
Legends' Quest
Back to my Roots
One Foot In The Grave
Monkey Madness
Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf
King of the Dwarves
Glorious Memories
Mourning's End Part I
Mourning's End Part II
Within the Light
Dealing with Scabaras
The Curse of Arrav
Love Story
Dream Mentor
Swan Song
The Branches of Darkmeyer
The Lord of Vampyrium
Blood Runs Deep
A Clockwork Syringe
Pieces of Hate
Desert Treasure
Do No Evil
Crocodile Tears
Our Man in the North
'Phite Club
The Curse of Zaros
The General's Shadow
The Temple at Senntisten
The Elder Kiln
Thok Your Block Off
The Firemaker's Curse

(Here we have The Curse of Zaros and The General's Shadow, which are Champion era and Heroic era respectively, out of necessity).

12-Jul-2019 05:26:56



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In Memory of the Myreque
The Lost Toys
River of Blood
The Void Stares Back
Plague's End
While Guthix Sleeps
Birthright of the Dwarves
Ritual of the Mahjarrat
Koschei's Troubles
The Brink of Extinction
Wandering Ga'al
Nomad's Requiem

World Guardian:

Impressing the Locals
Rebuilding Edgeville
Mah Jarrat Memories
Benedict's World Tour
Call of the Ancestors
Flag Fall
Head of the Family
Spiritual Enlightenment
Jed Hunter
Eye for an Eye
Tuai Leit's Own
Ghosts From The Past
Damage Control
Final Destination
Kindred Spirits
Gower Quest
Desperate Times
Back to the Freezer
Dimension of Disaster
Heart of Stone
Dishonour among Thieves
Evil Dave's Big Day Out
Missing, Presumed Death
The Death of Chivalry
Hero's Welcome
The World Wakes
Fate of the Gods
The Light Within
Children of Mah
One of a Kind
Tales of the God Wars
The Mighty Fall
Nomad's Elegy
Tales of Nomad
Sliske's Endgame
Curse of the Black Stone
The Needle Skips

What do you think of the list? Any flaws that stand out to anyone? I'm planning on restarting so as to follow the most fluid/ accurate story possible as opposed to the handful of random quests I was doing before. If this list achieves it's goal, it should not only provide a fluid story but also do a good job of motivating the player to stretch out and explore slowly piece by piece rather than sticking to the same few places, which should flesh out the game experience as a whole.

12-Jul-2019 05:31:05

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Nice list but I've found an issue:

You mention that we should complete Elemental Workshop III & Elemental Workshop IV before Elemental Workshop II...

I am pretty sure that is not possible

14-Feb-2021 17:48:01

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Man this is perfect coming from somone who simply fight bosses and skill, I needed a quest order cause I be doing random quest and get bored easily because I get lost in the story and more focus on the rewards it gives. I'm going to follow this list and see where it goes so I can understand why the hell the gods are back lore wise.

21-Feb-2021 22:40:37

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Being new to the game and searching for something just like that, I want to say THANKS! You have made my experience thus far that much more immersive and enjoyable.

Just finished pathfinder quests and starting the adventurer ones.
It's really great to have this list to guide me along the path.


06-Sep-2021 12:55:45

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