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This promotion does not seem apealing to me at all. I can see all the future rewards on the reward track but none of those rewards look apealing to me. It doesnt entice me to spend keys at all (which i didnt anyway but that is kinda irrelevant).
I guess this promotion is a possible option for the future incase lootbox mechanics are beeing made illigal and they want to try this out ?
The fixed rewards i guess are good on average as you can always get tthe medium lamp but it kinda still makes the whole trearure hunt thing a bit more boring and you can not get anything else besides the 3 fixed rewards.

Anyway,my biggest issue is the reward track itself with the prices beeing fixed up to 20 spots ahead (though somehow i am only able to see the net 6-7 prices on the reward track).
Like what are players going to do when they get kinda bad prices on the reward track.
Would it not be better and consitent with the rest of the promotion if the reward track also had fixed prices which are equall for all the players?

TH should have more fun and unique items. The lucky items are nice why are there not more items like this like maybe untradable tokens for pets and such.
Like the smouldering promotion is good but all you get are smouldering lamps (which are great obviously but that is not what this is about) and that is kinda boring.
I do understand the lootbox issue in general but as someone who only spends the 3 free keys i get everyday and who never buys extra keys i would kinda like th beeing something fun.

And for the people who spend a lot of money on keys,i dont see how the new promotion is apealing to them either. Its just a grind of opening prices and pick the same one everytime while already knowing you wont get anything from the reward track that you are actually looking for.

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I agree that this promotion is quite dull. While the average "payout" or rewards are decent, the element of surprise is entirely lost. I understand conceptually that this was meant to be a test pilot for a new, more transparent Treasure Hunter promotion. Adding in some type of bonus, random multiplier or random prize mechanism could make it more exciting.

If there's a plan to scrap the random chance promotions in the future all together, this promotion is a good step toward that. Otherwise, I would imagine this promotion isn't generating as much Treasure Hunter key sales or encouraging bond redemptions in comparison to other more lucrative (GP and XP) promos.
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