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will be quite interesting to see how it all plays out.

With the items being removed from Treasure hunter

Skilling Outfits (Normal and Elite)
Slayer Masks
Wicked Hood Tokens
200m Coins
Brilliant Alchemist Fragments
All cosmetic items except those applicable to a current promotion

and only a few items being added

Giant Stars and Giant Lamps
Huge Coin Pouch
Portable Packs
50m coins

- As a previous claimer of 200m gp, and how long it took for me to obtain it - and their wording of for the 50m gp being added in it's place:
but thanks to the new balancing players will be sure to net more coins in total than previously

will have to see how much more often that prize is obtained or not because they haven't ran the Crystal Capsules promo in almost a year and that seems like they're making that 50m reward from that promo having the chance of obtaining it every day now - rather then only when the promo gets ran.

- I guess with them removing more then adding in, they're making it a little better to have much more of a smaller pool of item to choose from.

- Pretty sure by cosmetic items pretty sure they mean items like Archon boots ect.. not token cosmetics, because those aren't obtainable outside of when the promo's are running anyways. so it won't affect any of the tradeable cosmetics/tokens.

- Dilbert2001 said:
So newer players will have to get them from skilling and inevitably playing minigames soon. This is probably going to help some old minigames to regain some attention.

Not necessarily, skilling outfits should still be available from vic also - so they could just wait untill that comes around.

but yeah the changes seem mostly all good.
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