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Dilbert2001 said:
I only have 3 days to use up my close to 5k HoIs. It doesn't seem possible. :(
Wondering what Hols are. Do I have any? Should I be using them up? What are we talking about here?

I got it. Hearts of Ice. Doesn't seem like that big of a deal to lose them imo. I don't have very many to be fair because I use them up but either way they always seemed a bit too flaky to me. I never ran the numbers but it seemed like I got plenty of white prizes even using 10 hearts per key.

And honestly since they are giving you 1 oddment per 5 HoI, I'd say it's probably more worthwhile just to hold on to them and cash in for oddments which actually have measurable use. (even though HoI are much more difficult to obtain than oddments. 1k is a pretty small number of oddments, compared to 5k HoI which is a mind blowingly large amount that would take forever to use)

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