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Everyone's favorite promo is back. Coinciding with a 50% key sale. With the new system it's an oddments farm. Plus you get the guaranteed rewards in the progress bar.

Have Jagex like completely lost their minds or what?

THIS is the result of 6+ months of remaking TH?

I know there is a key limit now in the oddments store. I don't know what the limit is and I don't plan on pushing it. But I should. They are inviting me to do that.

In reality though, in the long term, I am just getting more of the items currently rotting in my bank.

The current rewards system is obviously not going to work. Now what?

06-Oct-2021 15:23:12

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I agree this is ridiculous. I got one lucky prize giant lamps with multi and that single treasure hunter reward gave like 1,5 million dungeoneering XP. You can get insane amount of oddments from cashing in prizes too and use for xp. Also silverhawks, springs etc are super easy to get and will crash massively...

Not a balanced update at all. Needs to be reworked.

06-Oct-2021 19:41:08

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