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Hi team,

For the last 5ish years my treasure hunter has always told me "This Feature is Disabled" whenever I click on "Earn Keys". If a moderator sees this can they please help me get this fixed?

I do offers on solomon's store all the time without any issue - I always complete my answers truthfully. I have no idea why treasure hunter doesn't work. Possibly years ago I might have submitted a complaint about not receiving keys after completing surveys. I know from doing surveys on solomon's store that the system is much better and more consistent now.

I'd really appreciate this being fixed or being told how to fix it.

Kind regards,


P.S. If a complaint years ago resulted in my account being banned from earning keys that's pretty bad. If a customer complains about a feature not working it should be fixed, banning the customer from that feature is not an acceptable customer service solution.

18-Sep-2021 04:24:44

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