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Yo yo yo... Like, this type of thread was surely banned many times before, but see my point here.

TH was introduced with the removal of bots to replace the revenue stream, but seeing JAGEX more profitable than ever is it really needed anymore? Can revenue from bonds for membership replace the major negative impact MTX has on the game.

What would be the positives? Well, first and foremost nothing really matters in RS anymore the amount of cosmetic crap and bonus XP handed out makes many achievments not really achievments, imho. Makes the game feel artificial and all about the money $$$. Just look at the bustling community osrs has.

Jagex is known in the past to make bold moves for the survival of the game, could this be it?


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While I wholeheartedly agree with the notion of removing TH Jagex have stated a long time ago that they need it to survive at all and getting us quality RS3 updates. I defended this statement in the past, but the quality of the updates has not increased over the past few years (in my opinion), updates do not happen as often as they used to and instead we're getting more and more TH promos (which is not what we meant with updates, by the way).

Jagex are making record profits right now, and as of yet we are seeing a general decline in the amount of non-microtransaction related content.

I know why it's happening, and that's money. As long as the players keep feeding TH it won't go away, and the more people who keep on using it the bigger it will get.

I've heard that they are hiring new people on the RS3 team now, so I suppose I should have the patience to see if the amount of actual content will get upped again. I definitely hope that this'll be the case, but that remains to be seen.

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13-Aug-2017 17:11:54

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I strongly disagree with treasure hunter, but it's too late to remove it. The damage has already been done and there's no sensible way to repair it.

Also why should Jagex do it? They will lose income if they do. Business is business, mo money, yo!
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13-Aug-2017 17:18:02

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Runelower said:
no-no the idea is removal of mtx completly. No more bonus xp, protean OP methods etc.

There's minigames that award bonus exp, so you would still be able to earn it, just not buy it.
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13-Aug-2017 22:05:57

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it was a bad thing the day they released it as sof

as far as removing it goes? it will never happen, MTX is here to stay, and it will only get worse as players around the world get lazier and lazier and cant even be bothered to play a game :|

seriously, people cant be bothered to enjoy themselves on a game anymore? O_o *facepalm*

the trouble with MTX is it shows that :
1) the "granfathered rate" that some players are on is a bad thing
2) the price of membership is too low to cover costs
3) the game isn't attractive to new customers

if those were fixed, then MTX could well be removed.. but to do that you need capitol, and where's that going to come from? its a never ending cycle....

13-Aug-2017 22:11:33



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Come on guys, this is never gonna happen. MTX will only get more powerful. :P :D
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