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By playing Treasure Hunter between October 28th to November 1st you can earn seasonal Oddments (H’oddments) to exchange for items from previous Halloween Treasure Hunter promotions, including one set of rewards we’ve not seen for five years – yes, the Walk Like A Zombie collection is back! Furthermore the eerie Zombie Walk override token also returns, available through Treasure Hunter for a limited time!

Can we get little bit of explanation before dumping our wallets into a promo.
Which limited items will be available on the promo?
Will promo guarantee the rewards?
What about h'oddments will they remain limited curreny for next year's haloween?
Will be there any plans to obtain h'oddments through haloween activities rn?

26-Oct-2021 16:26:38

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the zombie collection is like the outfits there are like 3 Infected zombie outfit Decaying zombie outfit and Rotten zombie outfit the walk token the weapons zombie spine bow zombie hand flail zombie brain orb zombie bone ward and living dead emote as far as i would like to say i think they should release the h'oddments every halloween i don't think it will happen and far as getting the wallet out n buying keys that's how a promo works its not a 100% you will get a walk token from it wish i knew more my self im glad they are doing this they will probably do it for the other walks too who knows :)

26-Oct-2021 19:10:58

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My guess is that the zombie walk will be an insanely rare shadow prize requiring thousands of keys to get 1. Jagex isn't going to make it common like rainbow or else no one would buy keys. Question is will the walk token be a tradable unlock or untradable. I wanted to unlock it for a long time now but I will probably wait until its a worthless token a few years down the road assuming they get rainbowed. :) The brightest ideas are the most undervalued. I support discontinued tokens and ending price manipuiation.

26-Oct-2021 21:57:18

Walk Tokens

Walk Tokens

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The harvest is upon us! The Zombie walk override makes a return to Treasure Hunter alongside new H'oddments, a seasonal currency earned with every key which can be exchanged for Halloween themed items from the past!

Bonus Feature: Smash pumpkins to fill the Harvest Bonus bar. When filled choose between pumpkin modifiers or a reward item. Do you choose to take a pumpkin modifier which applies a guaranteed rarity and multiplier to a number of subsequent pumpkins, or do you claim a reward item instantly? You decide!"

H'oddments Store
Earn H'oddments by playing Treasure Hunter during the 'Grim Harvest' promotion. Spend these in the H'oddments Store to unlock Halloween themed prizes.

Reward Oddment Cost
Medium Prismatic Star 200
Medium Prismatic Lamp 300
Zombie flail override
500 Spine bow override
500 Bone wand and brain orb overrides 500
Infected zombie head 400 Infected zombie chest
400 Infected zombie legs 400
Infected zombie hands 400
Infected zombie feet 400
Decaying zombie outfit 1250
Rotten zombie outfit 1250
Living Dead emote 750
Vampyre hunter hat override 400
Vampyre hunter torso override 400
Vampyre hunter legs override 400
Vampyre hunter cuffs override 400
Vampyre hunter boots override 400
Vampyre hunter amulet override 500
Vampyre hunter stake launcher override 500
Pumpkincrow pet 1000 Bat necklace 500
Count Draynor outfit override 1250
Broom staff override 500
Cauldron maul override 500
Pumpkin launcher override 500
Ghostly revenant outfit 1250
Ghostly spirit hunter outfit 1250
Ghostly reaver outfit 1250
Ghostly lederhosen outfit 1250
Ghostly builder outfit 1250
Ghostly clown outfit 1250
Ghostly ringmaster outfit 1250
Ghostly chicken outfit 1250
Ghostly jester outfit 1250
Ghostly druid outfit 1250
Ghostly princess outfit 1250
Ghostly farmer outfit 1250
Ghostly fisher outfit 1250
Ghostly guard outfit 1250
Ghostly fremennik outfit 1250
Ghostly Wardrobe emote 750
'the Trickster title 750
'the Treated title 750
'the Ghostly'title 750

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