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As a returning player, I would also love to see some new stuff added back from older events too.

I understand there was a collaboration between Jagex and the World Wildlife Fund on saving Big Cats. Very sad I was not playing rs at that time.

I do hope there is someway we can still donate using bonds to WWF and also still get the pets via the oddments store.

10-Jan-2021 10:10:26

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Just a bump as a friendly reminder of what STILL needs a re-release...

*Gemerator, AHEM*

(Discontinue Rainbow crap already... Aheh)
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13-Sep-2021 15:39:16

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As much as I would love gemerator, and beable to get a og gem sack, and qcape and crown myself, I actually would rather them make a new gemerator and give us Ice Gem stuff,and blood gem haha please for the love of God, im just dieing for some new stuff. Ice gem sacks would be amazing. Or what about even onyx gem crowns and onyx gem capes. Please I want more variety please haha it 2021 Rares are the foundation of Runescape. Its what seperates it from all other games, and makes it truly unique. One of a kind game. ;) possibilities are endless.

15-Sep-2021 08:59:19

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