When is shadow virtus returnin

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I know it was controversial and all, but I'd like to get it since it looks cool visually.

Also, any chance of a shadow torva/pernix set in the future?
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13-Sep-2021 21:27:05



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Or howabout blood torva/virtus or Ice torva/virtus or even Third Age Gem torva/virtus or what about hydrix torva or virtus or onyx torva or virtus l. I want some new stuff please lol haha keep it coming, love the rainbow outfit btw.

13-Sep-2021 23:40:14

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When the GODs are deciding the fate of armors on TH all we can do is pray.

Jokes aside a clear cut policy on TH armors on Jagex's part would be nice. I still have an unfinished lucky Guthans set which I would like to finish but I haven't seen any lucky Barrows in ages. Some feedback and consistency would be great.

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