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Considering the fact Enchanted Crystal Weapon seeds are tradable, being able to turn them into 1500 shards will essentially make it possible to buy shards. Granted they would be very expensive but since they failed being tradable (P70Q8) I think it would be disingenuous to make this change (Not like you even care).

The idea to make the looting bag work in the ferox enclave is good, although I'd suggest only making singles plus come into effect from level 20 wild. It feels more fitting with the lore and allows doesn't interrupt low level and non PvP activities such as UIM loot bags, air orb crafters and abyss runecrafters.
Finally we have signatures in the surprise forum update.
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15-Jul-2021 19:14:38

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This latest PvP updates are really killing it for the clan community.

Multi clans are closing one after another.

The clan system wasn't much of a succes, rev caves rework failed and neither is singles + a succes this tricks to bring more players into the wilderness only benefits pvmers, clue scrollers. and streamers but does nothing for the clan community.

Would have expected to see a return of the clan cup in a PvP update, a rework of bounty hunter (craters) and more rewarding content in multi way zones or an expansion of the wilderness with new content.

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15-Jul-2021 19:33:47

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Re: Question 5 and 6.

I do not think UIM should be catered for in this extreme way. They may as well have banks.

I appreciate the struggle of late game UIM content though, but I do feel like this is not what the game mode was ever meant be.

My opinion would be that if things are extremely hard as an UIM then so be it. It is probably the most difficult game mode and carries a high level of prestige with it. If you constantly cater to this game mode and make it easier and easier it dilutes the achievement.


17-Jul-2021 16:40:02

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Legit Ultimate here (No loot bag bank, and no zulrah death bank)

There is no reason to not allow the new bow to be stored in the stash box, as most ultimates already bank items in their loot bag and zulrah death bank, defeating any arguments about storing.

The sourhogs sound like a good task if they have high hp, that means their other stats are lower meaning nice easy slayer xp. Also the correct way to solve an unpleasent enemy is not to reduce them so they are unseen, but to give them something desireble. Give them a pet with a higher slayer chance to get it when on task or some new thing that people will want, and the 4 people who complained about it will disappear...

Also (Personal request) the Kalphite queen has a free head at 256 kills, so can the gauntlet have free sword at 800 completion corrupted? I'm at over 700 and haven't gotten a bloody thing and it seems very unreasonable.

19-Jul-2021 17:57:26

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I had two suggestions, one is blighted spell sacks for the new arcaeus spells (grasp) cause currently having that and mark of darkness and other spells takes up way too much inventory and basically negates its usefulness in pvp

The other suggestion was to add an option for a "Demon" dummy to the POH since we have new spells targeting those specifically and I dont belive the current dummy setup has a demon option

21-Jul-2021 02:58:28

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In game it says "There's a poll running - head to the community section of the account managment to cast your vote!" but I can't seem to find it at all. Why is it not in the normal voting spot?

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