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Turban Juice
Mar Member 2020

Turban Juice

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I have logged in after this update mid slayer task at the Chaos Elemental and I am not receiving any exp (combat or slayer) for killing it anymore and instead getting messages about this combat achievement stuff.

21-Jul-2021 12:54:56

Oct Member 2020


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Hey all! This is an awesome update. I have noticed a minor bug where my "Collections Logged" value increases when I gain XP. This fixes itself after I open the collection log, but thought it was worth mentioning.

Thanks again for the great update!
Enjoy yourself!

21-Jul-2021 13:36:59

Oct Member 2020


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How about
N O . . .

Reception to wiki report,
And ingame investigation.

• Not liking the goose-eggs for stats, bronze defenders & wooden shields beware!

• Can you hang a comp cape that fancy lookin coat hanger?

• RNGod book reward? (Or is there some "eternal _____" access items Idk about?)

• I logged in and had 6 completed.. What happens when a high scores champ logs in and has 6 left? ..Does that guy get all the prizes??

...count on more feedback. (Might be mostly as birds feed their chicks.)

21-Jul-2021 13:53:35 - Last edited on 21-Jul-2021 18:15:14 by ChicNbiskits

Antivirus IM

Antivirus IM

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Gauntlet Changes -

Disappointed, I was hoping for a extra hard mode or double or nothing mode, or something to increase the risk and reward.

- The menu for crafting your weapons now is awful, the pictures are too small and out of place and really needs to be changed back. You can't see what you're doing and anyone used to the old system will constantly make the wrong things now. Solution, either add a Page 2 Icon to get to the new items, or create a new stand to craft them at.

- The food and crystal additions to the gauntlet are pretty useless and unnecessary. This isn't Pking and we don't need combo food...

- Suggestion/improvement - Add rarely dropped crystals that can be shaped into gauntlets, rings and boots (of variety of bonuses) in the gauntlet, and allow people to spend their real crystal shards to make them permanent. They don't need to do much, but it would add an element of excitement to the gauntlet, as there isn't anything like that yet.

21-Jul-2021 14:44:21

Antivirus IM

Antivirus IM

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Gauntlet Changes 2 -
Suggestion -

You can give armour seeds to Bryn for a permanate in gauntlet improvement... They would include...

- Crystal ring - Double hp natural regeneration
- Crystal Amulet - +1 shard per shard drop
- Crystal Boots - +2 armour vs all,
- Crystal Gloves - +3 str vs all attack types.

They don't do much, but there is no object that fills that space in the gauntlet. And gives an additional reason to get armour shards...

Or perhaps you need to get an Enchanced Armour seed and give it to Bryn for any of those...

21-Jul-2021 15:08:35

Proly Tariat
Aug Member 2019

Proly Tariat

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Loving the new character summary screen. Any chance we could add a slot for music unlocked? Since that would reflect the 3 cape unlocks (music, diary, quest)

In terms of the combat tasks, there is another task not mentioned in the post that has a requirement that is questionable for pures/restricted builds: Arclight, requiring quests and 75 attack. Pretty much everything else, as I scanned through quickly, could be maged/ranged.

I don't need to complete the whole thing, but it would be nice to get easy and medium done (clue boosts!) without needing 75 attack.

Thanks for your hard work & the update today <3
Skiller, not a killer. #04veteran and #contentjunkie

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21-Jul-2021 15:48:17

Jun Member 2020


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So frustrated as a pure (limited build) with this... I see the hot fix for the Easy task - that's appreciated. But why would 75 Attack or 45 Defense be required for certain tiers? Is it not a COMBAT achievement? Pures should be able to flex, too...

Instead of requiring Arclight to kill a Greater, couldn't it be Darklight? It still achieves the intent of the goal, makes it more challenging, and allows attack limited builds to complete the tier and eventually flex.

I was really excited by the slayer helm updates, but then saw you need 45 def to access them. WHY?????

21-Jul-2021 17:49:08 - Last edited on 21-Jul-2021 17:49:39 by Deers

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