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Logged in and tried the updates extensively... I'm sorry but the jmods continue to disappoint. You act like you acknowledge powercreep but continue to "rebalance" or modify and add to the list of overpowered items/weapons in the game. I'm beginning to see the same trend as I saw in the game PRE EOC and I am under the impression few jmods working on this game had any attachment to the removal of free trade/pvp in wildy and even eoc.

Someone's gotta remind them it's old school for a reason, and how much people pressed for this server to even exist. Take updates with caution, because sometimes the updates the jmods try to add are dumpster fires not only in terms of code but practicality/balance.

12-Aug-2021 21:28:30

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Super excited for raids 3, and the rewards "look" like they should be pretty cool. Keep up the great work mods!

1) As is khopesh doesn't really fit with stab attack style. Would be nice to "look" more like stab. Also stab is only available through controlled. Change it to a shortsword/spear type weapon instead of scimitar/longsword.
--EDIT: actually would be cool if it was more spear-like and gave full damage against corp as 2-handed (it is stab anyway). Especially considering it is supposed to be good against high-defence monsters, this could be an upgrade to zamy spear there, or an alternative to doing many specs. Would give it more use. Zamy spear will always be useful as cheaper version of khopesh, in hasta form, and as part of lance.

2) Mage offhand is great! I'm worried (as I see many in community) that the ward attachement will become dirt cheap/useless due to the fact that many will enter the game through people farming raids 3, whereas arcane is very rare drop from corp, an unpopular boss with slow kills. Could be made more useful to have some stats (maybe weaker than mages book, or no stats except 2% mage damage) and then upgrade with arcane to full BIS.

3) Range armor is cool, though seems kind of niche. As an average (ironman) player, I don't know where/if I would ever use this. I'm not an amazing pvmer, so one mistake could mean death, negating any time save of higher dps. The higher damage is nice, but the lack of defence and high risk of low-life just make arma/god dhide better. Just my opinion, but would be cool to see either tank range gear (high defense but lower range accuracy than arma), or range gear with range strength but lower defence than arma. I understand if y'all are set on the low-life mechanic though.

4) Ring might be really nice. Could the ring come from kalphite queen instead? Just a thought.

5) Wand seems pretty cool. Nice to mix up mage attack styles.

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I logged on the beta worlds and gave it a shot,

Don't think I'll get much use from them on my Ironman. But my clan says some of the stuff is cool, so yeah =P I might get some of it on the iron like the weapons! But will see, as I still need to do Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood :D

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14-Aug-2021 08:59:59

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I'm bad at pvm, that's just a fact. But I could be good with the Heka. I'm a tap dancer, so the 3-1-rest rhythm makes total sense to me. I could work with that, and I hope you keep it! Made the fight caves much more interesting, trying to time my attacks against different creatures to maximize efficiency of exactly where the big blast gets sent! Top 5% bestselling Dungeons and Dragons game designer
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16-Aug-2021 02:22:44

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