Deadman Reborn and QoL Changes

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Snormie said:
When are you going to listen to your player base and do something about DMM being dead not even by the end of the 2nd week in?

This is because when someone gets pked and loses their main gear, unless they swap over and over and over again each and every time they die, its nearly impossible to rebuild back up enough to survive someone trying to kill you within 1-2 hours of your death.

Pkers camp the main attractions that make decent coin, so if you don't have a lot of food or brews and restores you just get owned over and over again and can never rebuild up, even at rune level, imagine trying to earn 100k in 1 hour for a dragon scim without being attacked while you have no food or supplies.

I want to grind for a few hours or so, then go pk until I die, then do it all over again.
I DONT want to grind for many many many hours for very little coin and gear to still not be able to be pk ready, just to get ragged by someone whos constantly camping the main money makers.

The 3 life system still needs to be removed because people still cheat the system and get away with either muling, or letting their buddy kill them on their 3rd life, then give their stuff back.
And the 10% exp loss is a terrible idea for non-skulled/pkers.

I totally agree with this. I hope the Old School team can make these changes to the gamemode after so many years. It's just too punishing for the average player.

09-Sep-2021 15:15:31

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