Gielinor Gazette - October 21

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Hey, thanks for this. It's great to see the Gazette make its return. I always looked forward to giving these a read.

I'm optimistic and hopeful for what the future has in store for OSRS. Personally, I can't wait for GIM to release and I hope it attracts a lot of attention from streamers and other forms of media ^_^

Also, it's great to see the Steam Client receiving updates. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

Finally, this is a great sight to see: "Account Security: In the livestream Mod Markos, the new Executive Producer, stated that Account Security will be a priority of his, acknowledging that it has been far too long since we promised changes."

Great stuff everybody!
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Why you guys plan to put wildy bosses in chambers? That is harder to escape from pkers...Idiotic thinking if ask me.

Reather fix the boss mechanics and make em little more easy, they are unreal long fights and boring..and they are hitting like crazy.
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Yay for a new Postbag! :D There isn't much new lore in there but still a pleasant read. :) Hopefully we'll see more soon.

On a related note, when I submitted my letter to, I didn't receive the automatic email reply from Postie Pete. Has that been disabled?
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