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As I suggested this, pretty much as you've described it about 10 years ago I'm happy with your suggestions re: the economy tax. I'd say scale it though 2-4% or something.

I baulk at the cost of the extra bank space though: I take it most other people are minted whereas those prices are out of my league. Any chance for a reconsderation of the pricing policy for the lower end? The top end is fine but for those of us who are still multi-skilling/questing there is a need to keep 'possibly useful in future' stuff to hand.

Thank you.

04-Nov-2021 12:57:14

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I've commented this in another area, but alongside the technical side of putting in a grand exchange tax, I think it needs a little bit of lore to make it feel like a useful part of the game. Who, after all, do you think is behind this?

The grand exchange is a trading octogon with a direct rail connection to Keldagrim and the 8 companies of the consortium... coincidence? I think not!

I think the Dwarves have given their 'free trial' of the new Grand Exchange service quite enough time, that now they can start to actually charge fees. Alongside a 2% markup (a generous rate) they could even charge adventurers a security fee for using their complex (which they've had to build half of gielinor away!) for the day.

If it's good enough for the rulers of Al Kharid to charge entry, it's good enough for the consortium of Keldagrim.

Could you imagine the treasury that starts to accumulate in Keldagrim? The dwarves have to spend that gold on something you know. The more rare items that are 'bought' out of the game, the more we seem them appear locked away in their treasury just safely out of reach of being tele-grabbed.

I wouldn't be surprised either if this leads to more interesting drama (and quests?) centred on Keldagrim. And the trainline that connects the markets of Keldagrim, the Grand Exchange, and Dorgesh Kaan.

And if you don't like the tax... cough... I mean Grand Exchange fee; the dwarves are more than happy to direct you to trade directly with other players without using their services.

Kind of gives a bit of lore and 'fun' to the Grand Exchange, and a slight nudge to encourage players to trade person to person again. Which I think is an important part of an mmorpg.

04-Nov-2021 13:13:14



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Taxes? Really? Are you serious? Inflation is created by the expansion of the monetary base, either in game and IRL. More money circulating on the economy causes the increasing of the prices, and thus, inflation. Jagex should control the means through which gold coins enter the game (monster drops, alchemy, etc). There is no need for taxes, just control the growth of the monetary base and the inflation stops by itself. Of course, gold sinks are also helpful =)

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i created a reddit thread with 97% upvotes, 10,000 likes, which would remove 100 trillion gp or nore from the game with no new items. no engine work. and very limitted development time.

you can google "reddit 2007scape 100 trillion gp sink"

mod ash has even acknowledged the post saying it is tempting

somehow this was ignored and the literal "gold sink" is being voted on?


04-Nov-2021 14:09:06



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Hey i find this plausible as to enrich the economy, but i have only one problem with this. Taxes are shit irl also, but are required for public works. Thus ONLY taxing and not pooling up the taxed money for "public works" is an irrational plan. There are hidden implications within this, as flipping now becomes harder with small margin products right?

Propositional solution would be; Buy back bonds with all that money sunk, thus the gp price would increase for the bond, making it a more benefitial investment. Also this pool could be used to fund community event and league rewards. So if there is a tax, the money should be kept within the game. Lotto?

04-Nov-2021 14:10:23

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