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The community needs state sponsored gambling, at this point.

And not in the way of Squeal of Fortune.

I'm thinking more like the game buildings in Pokemon. People can pull slots all day for minimal gain long-run. Same thing should go for duel arena. And I know what you're thinking- why would you make the games have a positive expected value?

Just put gambling activities in a big building where people can go have fun and bet on things and make it profitable at a clip of 10-30k per hour for anyone who ISN'T an ironman. It wouldn't be remotely as profitable as anything in the game but gambling addicts would have an out, and put up some silly rewards people can spend their coins on if they play enough games.

I know it seems super counterintuitive but it would shift the focus away from detrimental and harmful things as far as scammers and bot gambling is concerned.

18-Nov-2021 17:35:00

Uncle Shaneo
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Uncle Shaneo

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Staking cap:
- How and why the ‘bad guys’ got a win here: points 1-7
- Why this was a loss for the legitimate players: 8-13
- Why advocates of the restriction (who aren’t tied to the black-market) largely have nothing to do with this and won’t be effected either way: 14-18
- Closing notes/recommendations: 19-25


How and why the 'bad guys' got a win here:

1. A black-market for staking was born when Jagex implemented the staking tax and ‘cash only’ restriction. The black market would rationally charge a smaller commission on the staked amounts than the staking tax to incentivise stakers to use their service.

2. This cap will now tempt everyone who wants to stake over 10m to the cesspool which would be that black market, with its own rules, corruption, racketeering, and solicitation - far worse than the predations of the original duel arena.

3 & 4. The commission money that gets pumped into this industry will now increase massively and, worse still, the portion of big stakes which would have otherwise been done and taxed legitimately will now go through intermediaries - so instead of the staking tax being a gold sink here (good for the economy), this excess wealth will stay in game (not good for the economy long-term), going to the intermediaries who will sell it and make far more $ than ever before.

5. Since this industry is now going to boom, those who own/control/run the organisations that facilitate black-market staking can now charge people who wish to be the intermediaries far more for the right to work on their platform (whether it be a clan chat, website, Facebook/WhatsApp group, discord, homing-pigeon service, etc.) and, with so much more at stake, these kingpins will have even more incentive to act in ruthless ways to protect/grow their market share or to cash in on the expanded industry with corrupt actions.

19-Nov-2021 07:51:12

Uncle Shaneo
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Uncle Shaneo

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6. The black-market staking services would obviously have RWT services coupled with them since they’re complementary industries, so all associated RWT organisations will now have access to an incredible amount of new potential customers - people that will have to cross the black-market line to use the staking service, so will then be more likely to embrace other aspects of the RS black-market.

7. Players who use the black-market staking services have less protection against the predations of bad actors as they would at the original duel arena - they will be far more susceptible to solicitation and unsolicited advances.


Why this is a loss for legitimate players:

The fact these staking services happen on the black market will prevent a certain portion of people from using them who would otherwise stake big - players who respect the rules, even ones that come in as arbitrarily as this.

8. However, there are philosophical violations in the implementation of such a regulation, if we are to value *little things* like economic freedom and libertarianism.

9. This regulation will greatly limit wealth mobility for the player base that is inclined to stake, with relatively poor people stuck being relatively poor and relatively rich people stuck being relatively rich - not good:
10. rich people need to be given opportunities to risk/invest their money for it to flow back into the economy.
11. poor people should not be limited to less pathways out of poverty.

12. POSSIBLY THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT: every rs player should be given the opportunity to realise that gambling is crappy thing through the cheap and relatively inconsequential loss of RuneScape GP, rather than from the far more expensive and consequential way of gambling real money. The fact that people think it is doing RS players a good deed by denying them the cheap life lessons that can be learnt at the duel arena is short sighted, ignorant, and seems likely to lead to worse outcomes

19-Nov-2021 07:52:24

Uncle Shaneo
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Uncle Shaneo

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13. Assuming there are a certain number of scammers/lurers/swindlers who try to prey on legitimate players in our game, getting rid of the duel arena/bringing in a staking cap will draw these bad actors out into other areas of the game, making the game more toxic (1) because the toxicity would otherwise be far more concentrated in the duel arena area, (2) in that area those attempts are usually obvious and easy to avoid, and (3) people are usually on guard against trickery when at the duel arena.


Why the advocates of the restriction (who aren’t tied to the black-market) largely have nothing to do with this and won’t be affected:

14. If they don’t see the value in the duel arena, they probably wouldn’t have used it and therefore the whole area isn't much of their business.

15. ^ This is probably because they’ve already learnt their lesson about gambling there or elsewhere.

16. They may be salty for having learnt a painful lesson at the duel arena and its destruction may ease their salt.

17. They may be resentful at those who became incredibly rich very quickly and with little effort at the duel arena and the abolishment of that path to riches may ease their resentment or ensure it doesn’t arise in future.

18. They may want to change the dynamic of the game so more people play more meaningful content more often. Fair enough, that’s a worthy goal, but good luck trying to social engineer that outcome - not an easy task, to say the least.


Closing notes/recommendations:

19. It seems clear that staking will always exist in the game. So long as there is demand and practicability, a market will exist for anything. This game is certainly not above that rule.

20. Don’t hand the black-market control over staking - This would be such a big mistake for all the aforementioned reasons and would be one of the biggest strategic errors to be made on this game in a long time - might even be in the all time top 5 mistakes

19-Nov-2021 07:54:17

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