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Dec Member 2020


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I cannot get my chat back to public. Down by my name is says "Zarinos (clan)" and the new chat commands will not allow me to switch it back to default. Am I doing something wrong? I've tried the /@p command but that does not work.

24-Nov-2021 18:19:06

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Would it be possible to create quests to unlock extra bank spaces instead of using gold sinks?
This idea will allow Ironman to unlock more spaces for their banks instead of using GPs only.

24-Nov-2021 22:10:09



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Say NO to GE taxes.

No taxation without representation.

We pay to play.

Do not tax us, or we will not pay.


Any money siphoned from a player shall go to a coffer for use by that player only. It shall benefit that player themselves, for use towards bonds and untradeable unlocks such as respawns and crystal crowns.

We do not need the rich getting richer, because you bought a tbow out of existence with all of our money. That doesn't solve any issues, nor does it help any players.

You want us to pay to use the GE, make it P2P only.

Say NO to GE taxes!

Fix the real issues! You don't care about the players or the economy! If you did, then you'd stop the bots from posting every world in the GE! You would stop the scammers from siphoning our gold into their bond funds! You would remove poison, poison+, and poison++ weapons from the GE!

You wanna buy gold from players and delete it? Sell RuneScape merch for ingame gold. Sell a Premier package for coins. You are selling 12 months for $70, yet in game it's $140 usd for premier club.
10 bonds costs $70, yet you ask for 20 bonds for premier club. 50m for 10 bonds is a deal, in-game. 100m for 20 bonds is a rip-off.

Why don't you you sell level 99 shirts with the skill on the back? Make it part of the premier club package.

Stop trying to ruin the game, and actually fix something. Like the non-existent veteran capes?

Say NEIGH to GE taxes!

04-Dec-2021 05:30:54

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