Nex: The Fifth General

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This thread is for discussing the latest game update newspost that you can find here.

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Now would be an excellent time for some new JMod Events? We could do a mass for Nex so that players like me could try out this new Boss without hindering any groups. Please Jagex allow more JMod Events.

Thank you and stay safe.

05-Jan-2022 12:12:11

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I really like that Jagex left the graphics pretty simple. Given how much pvm has advanced since 2011, I have two suggestions to improve Nex.

1. I think Nex's
shadow smash
delay be shortened to 2 ticks. Currently it is 3 ticks and people these days are capable of casually switching protection prayers within 2 ticks, let alone simply moving out of the way. This will make attention slips a bit riskier. Perhaps we can shorten the delay for
blood sacrifice
and the
curse as well.

2. I think Nex's bodyguard mages need protection prayers, particularly protect range for 40% damage reduction. Range is functionally OP at many bosses given how players today can just sit back and camp twisted bow, bow of faerdhinen, armadyl crossbow w shield, and essentially outlast most bosses, taking minimal damage.

Players today play very casually with all of the maxed gear very widely available. I think shortening the delay for certain attacks will make up for preserving most other features.

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It'd be nice for the delay of
ice prison
to be reduced as well. You won't have 3 seconds to get out of the way; a long time for player reactions in 2021.

05-Jan-2022 20:42:42

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I've been really enjoying killing Nex since the release. I like especially how the difficulty can be easily scaled up or down by having bigger or smaller group and yet still having a chance for drop whether you're MVP or not. I think it's my new favorite PvM content to be honest. Well done!
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