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Jagex you are seriously dickheads that shit on the part of community that can't play for 18hrs a day people that actually have families and jobs and can't shove there dik into your game 24/7 game is becoming an appease the streamers fk everyone else mentality

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Working out unknown boss mechanics adds a fun challenge to the game. Second-guessing drop-rates does not. Changing a drop table but then purposely withholding the information seems frankly bizarre. I'd like to make an informed choice about what to do with my 1 hour a day of playing this kind of content, without guessing if it's a pointless endeavour. If you want to make an item mega-rare, that's your perogative as developers, but I'm unsure how hiding drop tables incentivises me or other players to invest more time/effort/money into the game. Can you confirm if you releasing drop-rate info in the future, or perhaps a rationale for withholding it in the first place?

12-Jan-2022 17:50:41

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Making items more rare? Did 1700 Nex kills, no lifed it last 9 days (10 hours daily) and not a single drop on my name, same 000 loot split shares in all this days and spended probaly like 50m in supplies (probaly even more)...But you guys rising a drop rates to even harder to obtain things?
MVP is a poop if ask me...been cuple times mvp (maxed bis gear) and noobs in 110 cb in walfare gear easy snipe sniped me a drop on my mvp..with 100 or 200 kcs with none effort at all.

Alot friends complain about how rare are items, special in small teams we can go dry weeks (with a huge gameplay hours).

What is a point doing nex for 300m or less item worth if there are Cox/Tob and soon raids 3?
Just a pet hunting boss on wich we will lose banks?
So far as it looks it is a shame bad cash doing her...a shame of a boss. Before Eoc we had more drops on her..Pernix/Virtus...she was a bank making TIME WASTE

14-Jan-2022 12:44:05

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